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Kids Caught In The Crackdown

Kids Caught in the Crackdown

As the detention of migrant children climbed to record-breaking levels under President Trump, FRONTLINE and The Associated Press investigate what’s going on inside federally-funded shelters — and the lasting impact on children held in U.S. custody.

4.1 Miles

4.1 Miles

Filmmaker Daphne Matziaraki’s (’16) remarkable documentary “4.1 Miles” on the refugee crisis in her native Greece received international acclaim


Fresno’s Ugly Divide / Unequal From Birth

In August 2018, The Atlantic published one of the largest group projects in our history: seven multimedia master’s theses exploring Fresno, California: the state's poorest major city and its legacy of segregation, discrimination and poverty that continues to impact residents today.


Social workers didn’t remove boy from his home despite court order. He later died

In this piece for the Los Angeles Times,  Alyson Stamos (’20) joins IRP reporter Garrett Therolf to cover the suspicious death of a young boy who was allowed to remain with his parents despite a court order.

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WWII Crimes

Take No Prisoners

In December 1944, Adolf Hitler surprised the Allies with a secret counterattack through the Ardennes forest, known today as the Battle of the Bulge. In the carnage that followed, there was one incident that top military commanders hoped would be concealed. It’s the story of an American war crime nearly forgotten to history.  Reporter Chris Harland-Dunaway ('17) found an entry in General George S. Patton’s handwritten diary referring to the incident in Chenogne. Patton called it murder. So why then was there no official investigation?