American Insurrection

Berkeley Journalism collaborates with FRONTLINE, ProPublica on “American Insurrection,” a documentary that examines the threat posed by militia groups, white supremacists and other far-right extremist groups.

Investigating Extremism

Gisela Pérez de Acha (’20), Kathryn Hurd (’21) and Ellie Lightfoot (’21) of Berkeley Journalism's Investigative Reporting Program report on one man's slide into extremism, for ProPublica and FRONTLINE.

Soaring Police Overtime

Oakland North reporter Noah Baustin ('22) investigates Oakland police salaries and finds that dozens of officers earned six-figures in overtime pay.

Mike Shen

Featured Instructor

Mike Shen

Mike Shen has advised students on video editing and story structure in the documentary and shortform video tracks since 2012.

Photo by James Tensuan

Featured Student

Daniel Lempres ('21)

Daniel is an investigative reporter and writer focused on government accountability and criminal justice.

Alyssa Jeong Perry

Featured Alum

Alyssa Jeong Perry (’16)

Perry is a producer at NPR’s “Code Switch” and reports on issues of race, ethnic and cultural identity.

Changing the Face of Journalism

Berkeley Journalism intends to be a leader in diversifying the race and gender and class of journalists to ensure that all stories get told.

Berkeley Journalism's Anti-Racism Efforts

How we built on the momentum of a national uprising to make meaningful changes in addressing systemic forms of racism.