Concurrent degree programs allow students to complete two Master’s degrees simultaneously, generally reducing the total time spent on coursework by two semesters.

Applicants to concurrent degree programs must be admitted by both Master’s programs, so please contact an admissions officer at each department to be sure all of your application materials are submitted properly and on time. Deadlines for each program vary.

Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism offers a concurrent degree program with the School of Public Health and the department of Asian Studies.

Journalism and Asian Studies

Asian Studies offers a two-year Master of Arts (M.A.) program that includes a cross-section of cultural, political, and economic coursework related to various regions in Asia. You may concurrently complete a Master of Arts in Asian Studies and a Master of Journalism in three years. Language proficiency is required. Be sure to fill out the Journalism and Asian Studies MJ/MA application form on the Graduate Division website.

Journalism and Public Health

The three-year M.P.H./M.J. program is designed to produce journalists with the training and knowledge necessary to cover public health and medical issues for online, print, broadcast, and other media platforms. The program also produces public health professionals who are effective media practitioners and communicators. Students select one of four public health concentrations (environmental health, infectious diseases, epidemiology/biostatistics, health and social behavior) and simultaneously develop their reporting, writing and multimedia skills. They fulfill all requirements for both the Master of Journalism (M.J.) and the Master of Public Health (M.P.H). Be sure to check out the Public Health website and to fill out the Public Health & Journalism MPH/MJ application form on the Graduate Division website.