Berkeley Journalism + Berkeley Haas School of Business

Business Journalism

Berkeley Journalism and Berkeley Haas — with support from Bloomberg News — are collaborating on a new Business Journalism program to strengthen knowledge and storytelling across the two disciplines. The schools are pursuing a formal joint certificate in Business Journalism, with the goal of strengthening reporting in a multifaceted field, pertinent to everyday lives.

“We’re teaching students how to hold power accountable and usually power lies where the money rests — in the corporations that dominate our country," said Berkeley Journalism Dean Geeta Anand.

Berkeley Haas Dean Ann E. Harrison said: "In order to cover business, journalists need to understand how business operates and how money moves through the economy. And business leaders can benefit from having a deeper understanding of the media."

Course Offerings

Spring 2024

Covering Silicon Valley

The new program kicked off in Spring 2024 with a class taught by Bloomberg Global Technology Senior Executive Editor Tom Giles on “Covering Silicon Valley” in collaboration with Bloomberg News. The class provides a foundation for reporting on everything from IPOs and market swings to employment gains and trade flows and takes a deep dive into the Bay Area’s tech industry and players.

“Understanding how money is used to build businesses, create jobs, amass wealth and, too often, widen inequality has never been more urgent,” Giles said. “Our aim is to give journalists the tools they need to follow money, expose the misuse of it, and tell the story of capitalism clearly, unflinchingly and compellingly.”

Giles is the executive editor of the award-winning global technology team at Bloomberg News, where he helps oversee coverage of the business of technology across Bloomberg's many platforms. He previously served as managing editor of U.S. company news and team leader for U.S. technology.

Fall 2024

Haas School of Business

The course listing below are just examples of some of the courses students can take. Not all courses are offered every semester. Journalism students interested in requesting a course must visit this page and follow the process outlined. Haas fall courses are finalized in August. Please see posted dates. 

  • MBA200P.11 Fundamentals of Design Thinking
  • MBA215.1 Business Strategies for Emerging Markets: Management,
    Investment, and Opportunities
  • MBA250-1B Leading High Impact Teams
  • EWMBA251A.1 People Analytics
  • EWMBA256.1/MBA256.1 Global Leadership
  • EWMBA267.1/MBA267.1 Corporate LaunchPad
  • MBA271.1 Tech and the City: How to get Urban Innovation Right
  • MBA 277.2 / MPP 290-011 Clusters: Locations, Ecosystems and Opportunity
  • MBA277.2A Leading an Organized Workforce: Unions and Otherwise
  • EW277.12 Ethics & Artificial Intelligence
  • MBA290T.2 Designing "Tech for Good" Initiatives
  • EWMBA 290T.6/MBA290T.6 Design Your Life
  • MBA290T.8 Sustainability, Art & Business
  • EWMBA291R.11/MBA291R.11 Building Trust Based Relationships
  • MBA291S.11 Storytelling for Leadership
  • MBA292C.1 Strategic and Sustainable Business Solutions
  • MBA292H.1 Managing Human Rights in Business
  • EWMBA 292R.11/MBA292R.11 Business & Natural Resources - Sustainable
    Use of Ecosystems
  • EWMBA292T.13/MBA292T.13 Sustainable and Impact Investing Landscape
  • MBA292T.2 Education Entrepreneurship
  • MBA292T.1 Equity Fluent Leadership: Driving Inclusive & Equitable
    Business Strategies
  • EWMBA292T.3/MBA292T.3 Business and Labor Rights in Global Supply
  • MBA295N.1A Media: New and Otherwise
  • EWMBA295T.4/MBA295T.4 Online Marketplace and Platform Design
  • MBA295T.5 Commercializing Science and Technology Breakthroughs
  • EWMBA296.13/MBA296.13 Climate Change Essentials for Business Leaders
  • MBA297A.1 Healthcare in the 21st Century

Course descriptions can be found here.

School of Journalism

  • JOURN 255 Media Ethics
  • JOURN 298 San Quentin News
  • JOURN 221 Data Visualization
  • JOURN 223 Advanced Coding Interactive Stories
  • JOURN 275 Intro to Audio Reporting
  • JOURN 210 Introduction to Photojournalism
  • JOURN 213 Visual Storytelling: Still Documentary Project
  • JOURN 256 Journalism Law
  • JOURN 296 Data Journalism
  • JOURN 298 How to be an editor
  • JOURN 242 The magazine profile
  • JOURN 222 Interactive Narratives

Course descriptions can be found here.