Our mission is to expand the worldwide impact of truth-seeking, fact-based and inclusive journalism by training the next generation of diverse journalists to become exceptional storytellers.

Who We Are


Our faculty

are both thinkers and doers. They embrace their role as mentors to the next generation of ground-breaking journalists. They teach and inspire, imparting skills and energizing vision.


Our students

Vibrant. Diverse. Curious. Driven. Unafraid. Our students are the future of journalism, compelled by an insatiable desire to investigate and report stories that matter, in any form.

National Womens Day Alums

Our alumni

include some of the leading journalists in the world. They produce award-winning and important work — and are paving the way for our current students.

What We Make

Alyson Stamos filming documentary

Student & Alumni Work

To understand the UC Berkeley School of Journalism, look at the work our students are producing. Our philosophy is to learn by doing, and our students are offered many platforms on which to create meaningful journalism. Areas of skill include: audio journalism, documentary, narrative writing, multimedia, photojournalism, and video journalism.


Areas of Study

At Berkeley we believe in honing in on specific Areas of Excellence to provide learning on critical issues in modern society/journalism. 

Discover What It's Like To Be Here

A Revolutionary Past and Vibrant Future

On October 1, 1964, Mario Savio climbed onto a police car and ignited the Free Speech Movement, right here in Berkeley. As a catalyst for change, justice and human rights, what could be a more fitting location for a school of professional journalism? And what could be more relevant today, when free speech is under attack from both restrictive algorithms and people in power.