Map & Directions

Directions to North Gate Hall:

North Gate Hall is located on the northern edge of the UC Berkeley campus, on the southeast corner of the intersection of Euclid and Hearst avenues. When you are entering the campus through the North Gate, the cedar-shingled building on your left is North Gate Hall.

Directions to the UC Berkeley campus.


The nearest parking garage is the Lower Hearst Structure, one block west of the School on the northeast corner of Hearst and Scenic avenues. To access the Lower Hearst Parking Structure, drive west (towards the bay) on Hearst Ave, turn left on LeConte Ave and then sharp right on Scenic Ave to get to the entrance to the second level of this parking lot. The parking stalls at the eastern side are yellow or gold and it's where you can pay to park hourly (without a staff/faculty permit). Visit the UCB Parking and Transportation page for more information.

If the Lower Hearst Parking Structure is full, there is street parking, both metered and unmetered depending on the block, but it's mostly 1-2 hours.

North Gate Hall ADA Access:

There are two ways to get into Room 105 at North Gate Hall, one of which involves stairs, through the front door. There is a way in without climbing stairs-- by going around the building to the back. Pass North Gate, and turn left and go about a half a block to access wheelchair ramps.

It is possible to drive up to the back entrance to Room 105 which is handicapped accessible, and drop someone off before parking.

The ADA-accessible entrance to North Gate Hall is located in the inner courtyard. To reach this entrance, go to the south side of the building along Haviland Road, and take the path at the farthest southeast corner into the courtyard. The ADA entrance is through the south-facing door. The courtyard ADA-accessible entrance is unlocked during business hours, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., and for special events.

For Room B-1, take the same southeast ramp off Haviland Road, but instead of heading towards the courtyard, take the path splitting off to the east side of North Gate Hall. The ADA-accessible door on the east side of North Gate Hall is open during business hours.

For North Gate Hall's general assignment classroom, Room 105, take the same southeast ramp off Haviland Road, using the B1 path that splits off to the east side of North Gate Hall. The backdoor entrance to 105 is on your left. Access to 105 is controlled by the UCB Registrar's Office.

ADA access to North Gate Hall's Radio Lab is through the door marked Knight Digital Media Center on the south side of the building along Haviland Road. This door is kept locked at all times. For access through this entrance call the Broadcast TV and radio lab manager at (510) 501-7713.

For the North Gate TV Studio, please call ahead to the Broadcast TV lab manager at (510) 501-7713. He can also enable use of the freight elevator.