“Why Take Journalism Classes If I Don’t Plan To Be a Journalist?”

Because the skills of a journalist are useful, differentiating and associated with success in almost any field.

Because journalism teaches you to communicate with power and clarity.

Because journalism shows you how to be intellectually agile and react to changing conditions.

Because journalism embraces multiple media platforms, which are used increasingly throughout the business and professional worlds.

And because journalism will help you become passionate about important topics, creative in pursuing information, confident in asking tough questions and resolute in getting to the truth.

These skills are universal.

Undergraduate Journalism Minor

Important skills for any career, today and in the future.  Berkeley’s summer minor in journalism will prepare you for a future in which communication skills will be a vital part of any endeavor.  This is a hands-on curriculum that offers real world experience in attracting and engaging audiences in your work. Instruction focuses on core techniques of reporting and writing, specialized reporting skills, video, still photography, audio, social media, and the creation of online multimedia packages.

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Bloomberg Business Journalism Program

The Bloomberg-UNC-Berkeley Business Journalism Diversity Program has two aims: to introduce journalism students to the dynamic field of business journalism and to increase diversity among journalists reporting on business. It will provide participants unparalleled access to a leading financial news organization, as well as to some of the most influential people in the industry.

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