Why Journalism?

Communicate with Power & Clarity

Capture your audiences’ attention with the right media and information. Learn to deftly communicate with text, pictures, video, sound and data as you shape information into compelling, well-reported narratives across a variety of platforms.

Adapt to Change with Agility

Respond to changing landscapes with intellectual resilience and technical skill. Become adept in active observation and listening, critical thinking, and interviewing to help you navigate and react to change.

Pursue the Truth with Passion & Creativity

Develop skills in interviewing, information gathering, verification, and ethical practices that will drive your pursuit of storytelling on issues you care deeply for. Gain real world experience in concise and accurate storytelling that engages audiences and uncovers hidden truths.

Bloomberg Business Journalism Program

The Bloomberg-UNC-Berkeley Business Journalism Diversity Program has two aims: to introduce journalism students to the dynamic field of business journalism and to increase diversity among journalists reporting on business. It will provide participants unparalleled access to a leading financial news organization, as well as to some of the most influential people in the industry.

Undergraduate Journalism Minor & Certificate

Gain valuable skills for any career, today and in the future. Our hands-on curriculum offers real world experience in engaging your audience. Learn specialized reporting and writing skills, video, photography, audio, social media, and cutting-edge communication tech.