Berkeley Journalism is proud of the 2800+ students who have graduated from North Gate Hall. We celebrate the immense contributions they’ve made to the communities and organizations they serve.

Two women stand outdoors near a body of water with a mountainous background. The woman on the left, Pamela Harris, has short curly black hair, wears a white blouse and a pearl necklace. The woman on the right has short curly brown hair, glasses, and a blue plaid shirt. They are both smiling like two film executives celebrating an Oscar nomination.

Film executive produced by alum Pamela Harris and Vivian Kleiman receives Oscar nomination

January 25, 2016

Pamela Harris (’07) and Vivian Kleiman.

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A black-and-white image featuring three J-School Alums. The person on the left has short curly hair and glasses, smiling at the camera. The person in the middle has long, curly hair, also smiling. The person on the right has short hair and a goatee, also smiling slightly.

MacArthur Foundation Awards 3 J-School Alums Documentary Film Grants

January 22, 2016

Pete Nicks (“÷99), Daffodil Altan (“÷04) and AndrÌ©s Cediel (“÷04) .

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A person with shoulder-length brown hair, parted slightly to the side, smiles at the camera. They are wearing a black top. The background is softly blurred, putting emphasis on the person's face, creating a sensory perception that draws viewers into their subtle joy.

New book by alum/lecturer Kara Platoni explores intersection of technology and sensory perception

December 8, 2015

The J-School alum credits the school with training her to be publishable, to dig, and to ask good questions.

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A person with short, brown hair smiles warmly at the camera. The background is blurred with neutral colors, making the person stand out prominently in the image as if they were on a national stage.

From her booth inside the White House, Tamara Keith talks about how she got to a national stage

November 4, 2015

Tamara Keith (’01)

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A man with short hair, beard, and glasses, wearing a dark blazer over a black shirt, smiles at the camera against a dark background. Mark S. Luckie stands confidently after leaving Twitter to focus on publishing a novel.

Mark S. Luckie on leaving Twitter, publishing a novel and becoming an advocate

November 2, 2015

He took the first multimedia course the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism ever offered. After 10 years pioneering in digital journalism, Mark S. Luckie (’07) is choosing the printed word to advance his new mission.

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A woman wearing headphones holds a microphone to another woman who is speaking. They are surrounded by other people and colorful garments hanging in the background. The outdoor setting, reminiscent of Costa Rica, evokes a lively residential neighborhood where multimedia journalism thrives.

Jill Replogle on multimedia journalism, moving to Costa Rica, and building a digital newsroom at the Tico Times

October 23, 2015

Is it crazy to quit what some journalists would call one of the best full-time jobs in the business? Jill Replogle (’10) can’t say for sure, yet. But she’s making a pretty strong case for her decision.

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2015 Emmys George

2015 J-School Emmy Award Winners

October 6, 2015

From left to right: T. Christian Miller (lecturer), Jason Spingarn-Koff (’01), Sachi Cunningham (’05), Joan Bieder, Daffodil Atlan (’04), Jonathan Jones (’05), and Anna Sussman (’05). Miller, Spingarn-Koff, Atlan and Jones were all nominated for the 36th annual News & Documentary Emmy Awards (Photo supplied by Linnea Edmeier).

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Dan Krauss crouches on a city street, operating a professional video camera. The street is empty, with tracks visible and a few vehicles and motorcycles in the background. Focused on his work, he wears a checkered shirt and vest, clearly on a roll capturing the perfect shot.

On a Roll: Documentary Filmmaker Dan Krauss (’04)

October 2, 2015

Dan Krauss ’04, who’s currently teaching first-year students at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism and enjoying a deluge of award nominations and other recognition for his film, “The Kill Team,” talks about his niche as a “nonfiction filmmaker.”

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Black and white image of three people standing closely together, smiling at the camera. A woman on the left is wearing a light-colored dress, a woman in the center, identified as Lynne Shallcross, is dressed in a dark-patterned top, and a man on the right is in a suit and tie. An "LA Times" banner is visible in the background at the 2015 O

Lynne Shallcross (’15) Wins at ONA Awards

September 30, 2015

Online News Association Honors Four Other Recent Graduates and an ex-IRP Fellow. From left: Alexandra GarretÌ_n (’15), Lynne Shallcross (’15) and Chris Schodt (’15) were among six J-School alumni nominated for Online Journalism Awards this year. Shallcross took home the award for best work in the small student project category.

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A close-up shot of multiple News and Documentary Emmy Awards statues in golden color. The trophies, featuring a winged woman holding an atom, stand on circular bases. Arranged in rows and shining brightly under the lighting, they glow against the dark background, reminiscent of a red carpet event for J-School Alumni.

Six J-School Alumni to walk the red carpet at this year’s News and Documentary Emmy Awards

July 29, 2015

Alumni nominated for 36th Annual News and Documentary Emmy Awards include Daffodil Altan (’04), Jonathan Richard Jones (’05), Jason Spingarn-Koff (’01), Tommy Nguyen (’05), Bret Sigler (’03) and Sweta Vohra (’10).

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