FRONTLINE and Associated Press investigation on mass confinement of migrant children airs tonight

November 12, 2019

(From left to right) Top row: Garance Burke (’04), JoeBill Muñoz (’19), Bo Kovitz (’19), Jean-Philippe Dobrin (’19) Middle Row: Mario Furloni (’11), Daffodil Altan (’04), Andrés Cediel (’04), Jess Alvarenga (’20) Bottom Row: Lulu Orozco (’20), Pedro Cota (’20), Betty Márquez Rosales (’20), Rosa Tuirán (’20)

A FRONTLINE and Associated Press investigation on the mass confinement of migrant children, produced by FRONTLINE’s Daffodil Altan (’04) and Berkeley Journalism Prof. Andrés Cediel (’04), featuring AP investigative reporter Garance Burke (’04), will air tonight on PBS stations nationwide.

The film exposes the traumatic stories of kids detained under President Trump’s immigration policies, and reveals the policies that led to an unprecedented number of children held in government custody, many in mass detention, over the past year. Featuring first-hand accounts from detained children, as well as exclusive AP reporting, the film offers a window into the U.S. child migrant detention system, and examines how the U.S. became the country that now detains more migrant children than any other country in the world.

The film’s production benefitted from the involvement of many recent and current Berkeley Journalism students including JoeBill Muñoz, Jean-Philippe Dobrin and Bo Kovitz (all Class of ’19) who worked as associate producers, Mario Furloni (’11) as additional camera, current students Pedro Cota and Jess Alvarenga as production assistants, and Lulu Orozco, Rosa Tuirán and Betty Márquez Rosales (all Class of ’20) assisting with translations.

Watch the trailer here.


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