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Title Organization State Posted Deadline
Manager, Communications, California Ceres California 05/05/2017 07/02/2017
Content Writer CA 05/05/2017 07/01/2017
Communications Associate Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA) District of Columbia 04/25/2017 06/30/2017
Program Coordinator for Content and Communications for the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative Harvard University Massachusetts 04/24/2017 05/24/2017
Journalism and Student Publications Instructor The Nueva School CA 04/24/2017 08/22/2017
Freelance audio stories wanted Can't Win For Losing podcast 04/23/2017 06/01/2017
Health Care Reporter Capital Public Radio CA 04/23/2017 07/01/2017
Public Relations Associate Stanford University Department of Medicine CA 04/21/2017 08/19/2017
Video Editor ABP Media CA 04/12/2017 05/30/2017
Editorial Director (and Lead Writer) University of California, San Francisco California 04/12/2017 Ongoing
Writer, Health and Science University of California, San Francisco California 04/12/2017 08/10/2017
100K position: Head Writer for Jumpcut Jumpcut CA 04/12/2017 07/10/2017
Researcher/Assistant Correspondent The Mainichi Newspapers CA 04/07/2017 08/05/2017
Research/Admin Assistant Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist/author CA 04/03/2017 Ongoing
Senior Editor, News Capital Public Radio California 04/03/2017 Ongoing
Staff Writer Credit Karma California 04/02/2017 05/31/2017
Assigning Editor Credit Karma CA 04/02/2017 07/31/2017
OPT Jobs OPT Nation 03/29/2017 07/27/2017
Editor-in-Chief Diablo Magazine California 03/29/2017 07/27/2017
Coordinator, Public Relations TriNet CA 03/27/2017 07/25/2017
Coordinator, Social Media TriNet California 03/27/2017 Ongoing
Content Writer California 03/17/2017 07/15/2017
Senior Digital Designer ESPN CT 03/07/2017 07/05/2017
Page Designer/Copy Editor GateHouse Media's Center for News & Design Texas 02/27/2017 06/27/2017
Storyboard Artist Ancla 5 Film Project California 02/01/2017 06/01/2017

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