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Logo for the Investigative Reporting Program at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. The words "Investigative Reporting Program" are split diagonally, with the top part in dark gray-blue and the bottom part in a lighter gray, symbolizing Berkeley Journalism’s commitment to deep-dive reporting.

Aging In America

The societal and institutional barriers that prevent older adults from living with greater dignity and independence.

These stories are made possible by a grant from The SCAN Foundation.

San Mateo police chief Ed Barberini, a white man with brown hair and in his police uniform, sits with his hands folded looking away from the camera.

Police Pilot New Tactics for People With Dementia as Advocates Urge Compassion

Holly McDede ('25) reports on how police are trained to interact with people with dementia.

Mary Ellen McConnell, a white woman with white hair, is standing over her kitchen table. In front of her are documents related to fracking on her property.

Pennsylvania’s fracking boom is hurting its oldest residents

Kate Raphael reports on how fracking effects older adults' health for Grist.

Josie Adler, 80, molds a mask in a pottery class in Berkeley, California.

Have this talk with your parents now to reduce heartache later

Leqi Zhong reports on a difficult conversation between older adults and their adult children.

Photo from the backseat of a van of Floyd Coleman helping Mark Daldegan get into a minivan outside the Dillon

Lack of transportation strands seniors in rural Kansas, a worsening problem as the country ages

Andrew Lopez ('23) reports on how lack of transportation presents a challenge for older adults who want to age in their rural communities.

82-year-olds Jane Lapiner (left) and David Simpson, formerly known as the Diggers embrace in their living room, with a bookshelf in the background. He is wearing a blue shirt and darker blue vest, she is wearing a gray sweater.

1970s-era ‘back-to-the-landers’ now aging in place together

Ruth Dusseault reports on how 'back-to-the-landers' age in place in Northern California.

Camran Hayes, a white man, cares for Virginia Domini an older white woman. Virginia is wearing a polka dot top and Hayes is helping her stretch out her arm.

As worker shortages loom, some states move to train paid caregivers

Katie Rodriguez reports on efforts to standardize training for caregivers, the latest in the IRP's reporting on Aging in America.

Farmer Rick Cook is a white man wearing a blue T-shirt and tan baseball cap. He is sitting on a green John Deere tractor in front of a barn on his Farmstead.

Aging farmers toil well past retirement, with no heirs or desire to leave land they’ve tended for decades

Cara Nixon reports on the challenges of succession planning for Oregon farmers.

SUNY Chancellor John King is standing in a Nursing Skills Lab at SUNY Plattsburgh. John King is wearing a dark suit and has his hands in his pockets, he is standing in a hospital room where a practice mannequin is in the hospital bed in front of him.

With 1 in 4 New Yorkers over 60, state seeks public’s help in master plan for surging senior population

Ruth Dusseault reports the latest in our coverage of Aging in America

Cindy Tine, a white woman with brown hair wearing a pink t-shirt, is holding a large gray cat next to her.

Pets can make aging easier, but they’re expensive. CT volunteers are looking to help

Richard Tzul reports on The Senior Paw Project, a program that helps older people take care of and keep their pets.

A large white truck, license plate reads: 14 Fire Rescue

Older Adults in Sonoma County to Get Fire-Safety Home Retrofits — for Free

Kate Raphael ('24) reports on a Sonoma County program to help older adults retrofit their homes.

Mother and daughter Annie and Tanya Dixon sit in a pew together during Sunday services. Both are masked.

Making churches more welcoming for members with dementia: ‘ We don’t want them to think they’re forgotten.’

Celeste Hamilton Dennis ('24) reports on a program to make church services more welcoming to members with dementia

A young woman hands an older man a Trader Joe

Nearly 1.5 million California seniors could get help to buy food, but don’t. Here’s why

Kori Suzuki reports the latest in our coverage of Aging in American

A pedestrian passes Marty’s Place, a housing co-op for people living with HIV/AIDS in San Francisco. 1 of 2 A pedestrian passes Marty’s Place, a housing co-op for people living with HIV/AIDS in San Francisco.

Long-term HIV survivors find familial support in unique S.F. group home

Jeremiah Rhodes ('24) reports on older adults living with HIV, the latest in the IRP's coverage of Aging in America

Screenshot from the video, with a satellite map on one side, and a skyscraper on the other.

How SF’s Affordable Housing Crisis Is Crushing Retirement For Its Low-Income Seniors

Chris Chang reports on how low-income seniors struggle to find housing in San Fransciso.

Debora Royal, center, takes her seat for the Thanksgiving meal for members of Kingdom Care Senior Village Friday in Washington.

‘Villages’ for the aging coming to more Black communities

Myah Overstreet reports on the Kingdom Care Senior Village in the latest from our Aging in America Project.

Francesca Dixon standing outside in a red dress

LGBTQ seniors can struggle to find affordable housing. A Sacramento development is trying to help.

Felicia Alvarez ('23) reports on on an affordable housing community aimed at LGBTQ seniors in Sacramento.

Javier Garcia is standing in a blue shirt placing a kitten-print pillow under Josette Paoni’s head while she sits in a chair with her head down and eyes closed.

How to keep older adults safer during heat waves? Give them housemates.

Sofie Kodner ('22) reports on intergenerational housing as a way to protect seniors during extreme heat waves.

A roofer works on top of a housing development while the sun shines brightly behind them, during a June 2021 heatwave.

Climate change is fueling extreme heat. Who’s looking out for the most vulnerable Americans?

Katie Rodriguez ('23) reports on the risk extreme heat poses to older Americans and how "buddy" programs are emerging to help.

Search and rescue team and a person in scrubs help transfer three older women in to a van, in the background smoke from the Camp fire can be seen as the Feather River hospital burns behind them.

In Climate-Driven Disasters, Older People and the Disabled Are Most at Risk. Now In-Home Caregivers Are Being Trained in How to Help Them

Katie Rodriguez ('23) reports how in-home caregivers are preparing for climate emergencies for the IRP's Aging in America project.

A performer in a big spiky wig at The Posh club leads a conga line of older adults.

Dancing away the loneliness: In the UK, social prescriptions help fight isolation during the pandemic

Sofie Kodner ('22) and Zachary Fletcher ('22) report on social prescriptions for loneliness in older adults for the IRP's Aging in America reporting project.

A man wearing a light blue striped shirt and glasses sits in a motorized wheelchair in a kitchen. The room has wooden cabinets and a white refrigerator in the background. The man, who appears deep in thought like he

No way out: How the poor get stranded in California nursing homes

Jesse Bedayn ('21) reports for CalMatters on how nursing home residents end up stuck in facilities and unable to return to the community.

An elderly person leans on a cane and peers through window blinds. The scene, worthy of a Berkeley Journalism piece, includes a surveillance camera pointed at the window, an empty wicker chair, and a modern floor lamp. The background is purple with a light green section around the lamp.

How new monitoring systems keep a close watch on older people

Sofie Kodner ('22) reports on how surveillance technology is changing caregiving for older Americans.

Two smiling women stand side by side with the older woman’s arm around the younger one. They are outdoors near a body of water, with a hill and cityscape in the background. The sky is clear and both women appear happy, capturing a peaceful moment that feels straight out of a Berkeley Journalism feature story.

Conversation and Cookies Lead to An Intergenerational Friendship

Zachary Fletcher ('22) reports on the friendship of octogenarian Sukari Addison and millennial Kathleen Toohill.

A person wearing a purple jacket, patterned scarf, and pink cap smiles while taking a selfie inside a train. Rows of blue and white seats and a large window on the right side of the train are visible in the background, capturing an impromptu moment en route to their Berkeley Journalism class.

How Amtrak Trains Became One Retired Traveler’s Sanctuary During the Pandemic

Will McCarthy ('21) reports on one woman's trip across the country during the pandemic.

A man wearing a beige jacket is reflected in a bathroom mirror above a sink cluttered with various items, including toiletries and cleaning supplies. The dimly lit room hosts a fan and several books on shelves in the background, evoking the organized chaos often seen in Berkeley Journalism rooms.

‘It makes a humongous difference’: Lack of Wi-Fi in city SROs deepens residents’ isolation

Sofie Kodner ('22) reports on lack of access to the internet in San Francisco's SRO buildings.

A smiling woman holds a sign that reads "Elders and Grandparents Supporting Students" at a crowded outdoor protest. She is wearing a dark green T-shirt with a print of a tree. Other demonstrators with signs are visible in the background, capturing the spirit of community in true Berkeley Journalism fashion.

Extreme weather hurts older Californians. That’s started a wave of climate activism

Zachary Fletcher ('22) reports on a new wave of climate activism among older adults.

A couple stands in front of a makeshift shelter. The woman wears a yellow mask and the man, a grey mask. The shelter, reminiscent of scenes often covered by Berkeley Journalism, is constructed from various materials including tarps and wooden panels, and it appears cluttered with household items. The sky is clear and blue.

Hope and disappointment for the homeless in Oakland

Brett Simpson ('21) reports for The New York Times on a homeless couple's yearlong odyssey to find permanent housing in Oakland.

A smiling woman with short red hair hugs an elderly man with glasses, who is also smiling. They are seated in a cozy restaurant with a brick wall, warm lighting, and a table set with white linens and glassware in the background. It’s the perfect setting for their Berkeley Journalism story.

Essential caregivers were locked out of nursing homes during COVID-19. Advocates don’t want it to happen again.

Anne Marshall-Chalmers ('22) reports for USA Today on the movement to allow essential caregivers to enter nursing homes, even during a pandemic.

A woman with shoulder-length hair, wearing a sleeveless top, sits outside near an open sliding glass door, seemingly lost in thought. The background features the corner of a building and a partially visible room with a bed, reminiscent of scenes captured in Berkeley Journalism projects.

‘I feel freer.’ How California program helps seniors ‘age at home’ during pandemic

Jesse Bedayn ('21) reports on a California program that helps older adults age at home instead of long-term care facilities

A man sits outdoors, pulling up his sleeve as a healthcare worker wearing a mask and blue gloves administers a vaccination shot into his upper arm. Both individuals are focused on the procedure, with green plants in the background. Documenting this moment is Berkeley Journalism capturing the essence of public health efforts.

Elderly at small residential care homes face challenges getting COVID-19 vaccine

Anne Marshall-Chalmers ('22) reports on how elderly at small residential care homes are facing challenges getting COVID-19 vaccine

An elderly person wearing a red helmet and a grey t-shirt sits at a dining table, concentrating on a blue tablet. Next to them, a younger person with dark hair assists, while a laptop and various items are spread on the table in their cozy, well-lit kitchen—a scene reminiscent of Berkeley Journalism

‘How am I going to keep this up?’ COVID intensifies plight of family caregivers

Anne Marshall-Chalmers ('22) reports on howCOVID is intensifying the plight of family caregivers

A clear vial with a silver cap is labeled “COVID-19 Vaccine.” The label indicates it contains five doses of 0.3 mL each. The vial, which appears ready for its close-up, stands upright on a white surface, reminiscent of a meticulously framed shot from Berkeley Journalism.

Rapid vaccine rollout at California nursing homes raises concern

Anne Marshall-Chalmers ('22) reports on how the rapid vaccine rollout at California nursing homes is raising concerns

Two women wearing face masks walk outside on a sunny day. One wears a colorful floral dress, and the other wears a white shirt over a black dress with white polka dots. Smiling and engaged in conversation, surrounded by greenery, they discuss their latest Berkeley Journalism project.

With COVID-19 concerns, anxious families eye in-home senior care

As part of our in-depth coverage of aging in America, Brett Simpson ('21) reports for The California Report Magazine on how some families are turning to in-home care as care homes become Covid hot spots.