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Who Killed Lt. Van Dorn?

Nearly five years after Berkeley Journalism graduate student Jason Paladino (’15) began reporting on a deadly Navy helicopter crash, his work became the first feature documentary film from our Investigative Reporting Program. “Who Killed Lt. Van Dorn?” follows the death of a pilot concerned about the safety of his aircraft to reveal larger failings of the American defense establishment.

“Who Killed Lt. Van Dorn” was directed by Zachary Stauffer, a staff producer at the IRP and a 2008 graduate of the documentary program. In total, 18 Berkeley Journalism students and graduates worked on the film, assisting with everything from graphic illustrations to background research.

“Who Killed Lt. Van Dorn?” debuted at the 41st Mill Valley Film Festival.

























Production Staff & Crew

Jason Paladino

Zach Stauffer