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David Werksman

David Werksman Riverside County Sheriff’s Department

April 28, 2020

For 11 years, David Werksman worked on the bomb squad at the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department. His brother once asked him how he went to work each day, knowing the danger.

“‘I get up every day, put on the uniform, strap on the gun, kiss my kids, and realize I may never see them again,’’’ Harry Werksman remembered his brother saying. “He was undoubtedly the bravest, most selfless person I’ve ever known.”

Mr. Werksman died on April 2, one of two Riverside sheriff’s deputies to die of complications from the coronavirus in one day. He was initially told he had the flu and was sent home with medication. But when his symptoms worsened, he was hospitalized and quickly intubated. He was 51.

The ocean is where Mr. Werksman found solace from the stress of his job. He began scuba diving as a youngster, and it became a lifelong passion. His dream was to retire in the Bahamas on a catamaran. “Anytime he could get to the water,” his brother said, “he was all over it.”

Mr. Werksman is survived by his wife, Kristin, and three children, Oliver, 26; Abby, 23; and Shelby, 19.

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