Thomas Burke

Thomas Burke


Thomas R. Burke is a Continuing Lecturer of Media Law at the Graduate School of Journalism where he has taught since 2002. He is a partner at Davis Wright Tremaine LLP in San Francisco and Co-Chair of the firm’s national media law practice. Mr. Burke defends speech across all mediums ‰ÛÒ representing Internet companies; television networks; studios; book, magazine and newspaper publishers; authors; journalists; photographers; documentary filmmakers and environmental groups. With over 26 years of trial and appellate experience in California’s state and federal courts, Mr. Burke’s practice covers the full spectrum of content liability issues including libel, privacy, right of publicity, Section 230, Digital Millennium Copyright Act, false advertising, trademark and First Amendment claims. A veteran newsroom lawyer, Mr. Burke also provides pre-publication counseling, defends journalists facing subpoenas seeking the disclosure of confidential sources and regularly litigates state and federal public records lawsuits.

Mr. Burke is the author of Anti-SLAPP Litigation (The Rutter Group 2013-present) and a Contributing Editor to Weil & Brown, California Practice Guide: Civil Procedure Before Trial (The Rutter Group 2014-present) (Anti-SLAPP Motions).


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1 J255 Ethics, Law and Public Purpose-Burke W 9:00-12:00 142 North Gate (Library)