Sabrina Armaghan Kharrazi

Sabrina Armaghan Kharrazi


Sabrina Armaghan Kharrazi is a first-year student at UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism focusing on multimedia and data journalism. She plans to complete her master’s degree this summer and hopes to begin a lifelong career of advocating for unrepresented or marginalized communities and for diversity in journalism.

After spending most of her formative years in Arizona, Sabrina moved to Berkeley in 2016 to pursue her Bachelor’s degree in media studies, global poverty, and journalism. By the time she graduated in 2020, Sabrina was completing her degree as a full-time student, working as a hired staff member at a local women’s center, and was a manager at the school’s newspaper The Daily Californian. She returned to campus (only via zoom!) that fall to begin a Master’s degree at UC Berkeley’s esteemed graduate school of journalism.

Clips & Published Work

I’m Kind of Devastated
The Daily Californian, May 2020

South Bay residents to decide the future of neighbors who live in RVs
Oakland North, November 2020

Oakland residents oppose enforcement of highly contested encampment management policy
Oakland North, November 2020

Oakland City Council Approves New Homeless Commission
Street Spirit, December 2020

Six years in office: How much has Libby Schaaf delivered on campaign promises?
Oakland North, December 2020

The Fight to Save People’s Park Persists
Street Spirit, April 2021

Monthly Cleanups at Berkeley’s Seabreeze Encampment Provide a Hopeful Framework for Curbside Cleanup
Street Spirit, May 2021

Shawn Moses: Recently Housed and Full of Hope
Street Spirit, July 2021

Vinola Stallings: Getting Back on Track
Street Spirit, January 2022


  • University of California, Berkeley, Class of 2020
    -Bachelor of Art in Media Studies
    -Minor in Journalism
    -Minor in Global Poverty and Practice

  • UC Berkeley School of Journalism, Class of 2022


  • Berkeley Human Rights Center - Open Source Investigations Summer Intern

  • Women's Daytime Drop-In Center - Lifeskills Counselor

  • The Daily Californian - Sales Manager

  • Oakland North - Local Politics Reporter

  • Street Spirit News - Housing Reporter


  • JAMENA - Chair


Housing Rights, Middle Eastern Culture and Affairs, Women's Rights