Richard Logan

Richard Logan is dedicated to making a difference through innovative approaches in both the nonprofit and commercial worlds. In addition to his 25 years as a founding executive with a UK-based Mac software company, Mr. Logan has been a hands-on funder/participant in projects across a wide range of disciplines worldwide. His efforts range from language and archival preservation to bettering outcomes for the underserved, to advancing independent media of all kinds–radio, film, print and more. Mr. Logan brings healthy skepticism and sharp business acumen to his philanthropic efforts. As president of The Reva and David Logan Foundation he works to increase the efficacy of the Foundation’s many grant recipients, evaluating grantee enterprises to discover new synergies, and leveraging the pursuits of seemingly disparate partners. Based in Chicago, The Reva and David Logan Foundation is a substantial program contributor to the Logan Center for the Arts at the University of Chicago, as well as investing heavily in investigative journalism in the US and Europe–sponsoring training, scholarship, community, production, and promotion of original investigative work. The Foundation also supports major projects in social justice and the arts and outstanding scholarship in multiple fields, both in urban Chicago and around the world.