Mark Schapiro


Mark Schapiro is an award-winning investigative journalist and author specializing in the environment. His most recent book, Seeds of Resistance: The Fight to Save Our Food Supply, investigates the epic struggle underway to control the seeds of food crops capable of resilience to climate change.

Previous books include The End of Stationarity: Searching for the New Normal in the Age of Carbon Shock, revealing the hidden costs and consequences of climate change; and EXPOSED: the Toxic Chemistry of Everyday Products and What’s at Stake for American Power, investigating the impacts on Americans’ health of the U.S. retreat from toxic chemical protections.

His work is published in Harpers, Mother Jones, Yale 360, The Nation, The Atlantic, the Guardian, the Los Angeles Times and other publications; and aired on PBS FRONTLINE/World and on KQED. He was formerly senior correspondent at the Center for Investigative Reporting (2003-2012), where he conducted major investigations into environmental abuses and crimes.

He has been a lecturer at Berkeley Journalism since 2012, teaching environment and climate reporting, with an eye on compelling story-telling.











  • Awards include: Society of Environmental Journalists, Sigma Delta Chi-Society of Professional Journalists, Columbia-DuPont Award, Kurt Schork Award for International Reporting, National Magazine Award (shared).


Sec. Title Time Location
004 J200 Reporting the News – Environment
Fall 2020
M 4:00 - 7:00
004 J211 Reporting the News Lab
Fall 2020
W 4:00 - 7:00
008 J219 MINI: Reporting on Food and Agriculture in a Changing Climate 2/9 – 3/16
Spring 2021
Tu 2:00 - 5:00
003 J298 Clash: Contested Terrain, Conflicting Interests : Telling Environmental Stories that Matter
Fall 2019
T 11:00 - 2:00 209 North Gate (Greenhouse) — 209 North Gate (Greenhouse)
18 J298 Earth Journalism
Spring 2018
F 1:10 - 4:10 108 North Gate (Lower News) — 108 North Gate (Lower News)
012 J298 Earth Journalism
Spring 2020
F 1:10 - 4:10 108 North Gate (Lower News) — 108 North Gate (Lower News)
012 J298 Earth Journalism
Spring 2021
F 1:10 - 4:10
18 J298 Earth Journalism
Spring 2019
F 1:10 - 4:10 108 North Gate (Lower News) — 108 North Gate (Lower News)
023 J298 Reading and Reflection (Connected to J200 – Section 004)
Fall 2020
F 4:00 - 6:00


Climate, Health & Environment, Science


Narrative Writing