Monica Campbell

Monica Campbell


Monica Campbell is a multi-platform editor and reporter with more than 20 years of journalism experience. She recently wrapped a decade at PRX’s The World, where she was a senior reporter, focused on immigration and immigrant life in the United States. She has also reported extensively from outside of the U.S., mostly in Mexico City. While on staff with The World, Monica also produced long-form audio stories for various BBC programs, The FRONTLINE Dispatch, and Reveal. She is currently editing investigative podcasts for WBUR, and leading media collaborations for El Tímpano and the Prison Journalism Project.

Campbell’s coverage on immigration has earned a national Murrow Award. She was also a Harvard Nieman Fellow. She is also dedicated to press safety and freedom. In Mexico, she was the country representative for the Committee to Protect Journalists, investigating the cases of threatened and killed journalists.


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005 J219 MINI: Guarding against disinformation (5 Weeks)
Spring 2023
Wed 6–9pm 106 North Gate (Upper News) — 106 North Gate (Upper News)