Michael Capper

Mickey Capper


Mickey Capper is a multimedia journalist with a specialty in audio. He’s excited to return home to the SF Bay Area to expand his creative toolset and deepen his reporting at UC Berkeley. This Fall, he will be reporting on Education for Oakland North.

Mickey has produced stories and series for Slate’s WorkingInvisibliaHere Be Monsters, The Organist, and 99% Invisible. Mickey has also created two independent podcasts: Tape, a show that features candid conversations with radio storytellers about their work, and Sidewalks, an oddball collection of short audio slices.

Mickey also adapted radio stories for the live stage with Radiolab and Invisibilia, and he’s optimistic about the future of journalism and live events.


  • Wesleyan University, Bachelor of Arts


Audio Journalism, Multimedia, Narrative Writing, Video Journalism