Manjula Varghese

Manjula Varghese



Manjula Varghese is a journalist documentary filmmaker. Her love for creative non-fiction storytelling has brought her to UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism to sharpen her skills in multi-media journalism.

As a documentary filmmaker at her own company she has worn many hats from producer, director, writer, camera-woman to editor. Her projects have aired on PBS, America Reframed, The New York Times, to premiering at the Tribeca Film festival.

Her love of storytelling has garnered her a regional Emmy as well as taken her all over the world from sharing solutions to poverty in Mexico and Bolivia to discussing identity in the midst of a revolution in Egypt.

Manjula aims to use the written word, sound, and moving images to capture stories that explore global issues and provide a platform for communities that are rarely heard from. In sharing these types of stories she believes that media will educate and inspire the community at large.


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021 J298 – Video for the Web
Spring 2022
Tu 6:00 - 9:00 106 North Gate (Upper News) — 106 North Gate (Upper News)