Jesse Foley-Tapia

Jesse Foley-Tapia


Jesse Foley-Tapia first got his start in journalism when he founded a music and culture website Rail Road Hip Hop in 2008. He interviewed over 30 artists and musicians including his most famous interview with Kendrick Lamar in 2010. Foley-Tapia went back to school at a local community college (Cabrillo) at the ripe age of 31. From there he applied and was accepted to UCLA, UCSC, Cal, San Diego State, and Cal Poly. Although Cal Poly and San Diego State offered him scholarships to attend as a Journalism major, ultimately he decided that Cal aligned with his morals, ethics, and values the most.

Having graduated from Cal with an English degree in 2020 at 35 years old Foley-Tapia decided to apply for grad school the following year. He applied to one school and one program only and was accepted to join the Journalism department at Cal. He is set to graduate in 2023.

Some of his passions include sports, music, and activism. He is a strong proponent of the abolition of the prison industrial complex and ultimately he would love to help historically marginalized communities overcome obstacles and barriers set upon them. He believes that organic food, clean drinking water, shelter, healthcare, and some form of higher education should be available for all.


  • University of California, Berkeley B.A. English


  • Indigenously,

  • Othering & Belonging Institute, Graduate Student Researcher

  • Underground Scholars Initiative, Wellness Coordinator

  • Department of Gender & Women's Studies, Graduate Student Reader

  • Adirondack Center for Loon Conservation, Grant Writer & Editor

  • University of California, Berkeley Graduate School of Education, Program Leader

  • Voices of Monterey Bay, Journalist


  • Volunteer grant writer for the Alameda County Community Food Bank