Jannon Barrow

J.J. Ross (née Barrow) earned her master’s degree in journalism from UC Berkeley in May 2012. Her reporting has been published by The Miami Herald, the Florida Center for Investigative Reporting, The Center for Public Integrity, SF Public Press, SFGate.com, The Huffington Post and the Associated Press, among other outlets, and she contributed to a PBS Frontline documentary project.

While covering transportation in San Francisco, she once spent six consecutive hours riding a single San Francisco Muni bus.

Ross was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her first reporting gig was in sixth grade for her elementary school newspaper. She studied media critique, American history and public policy as an undergraduate at UC Berkeley, and spent her summers working at Oakland nonprofits focused on job accessibility, environmental justice, educational equity and incarceration.

Since then, she has reported Bay Area transportation, arts & culture and education stories, and tech industry patent lawsuits more broadly. She has researched legal hurdles faced by undocumented sexual assault victims and reported on the plight of a poisoned U.S. postal service worker.

Her interests include health and safety, public policy and the environment, migration and transportation, privacy, innovation and equality, online communities, and how we spend our money and our time. She thrives with public interest, investigative and data-driven stories.