Tom Goldstein

Tom Goldstein

Professor and Dean Emeritus

Office: B-1B


Tom Goldstein is a professor of Journalism and director of the Media Studies Program at Berkeley. He has been a journalism educator for more than 20 years, first at the University of Florida, then at Berkeley (where he served as dean from 1988 to 1996) and finally at Columbia (where he served as dean from 1997 to 2002). Goldstein worked as a reporter at AP, Newsday, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. He was press secretary to New York City Mayor Edward Koch. Goldstein has written ”The News at Any Cost,” ”A Two-Faced Press” and co-authored ”The Lawyers Guide to Writing Well.” He edited the ”Killing the Messenger: 100 years of Press Criticism.” Goldstein is a graduate of Yale and Columbia’s law school and journalism school.

He is the West Coast editor of the Columbia Journalism Review.


Sec. Title Time Location
1 J255 Ethics, Law and Public Purpose-Discussion group-Goldstein
Fall 2017
See details 108 North Gate (Lower News)