Florence Middleton

Florence Middleton

Florence Middleton

Class of 2024

Florence Middleton is a documentary photographer, photojournalist, and cinematographer based in Oakland, California. She is pursuing her master’s degree from UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. Florence changed careers to journalism after a decade-long career in international nonprofits, and she interviewed for graduate school when she was nine months pregnant. Florence’s work focuses on themes of community, women, and culture, and she is committed to telling stories through her lens as a new mother. She has covered stories both locally and globally. Florence is the recipient of the 2023 Pulitzer Center Reporting Fellowship and the 2024 Dorothea Lange Fellowship.


  • University of California, Berkeley
    Master of Journalism, 2024

  • Eddie Adams Workshop XXXVI, New York, 2023
    Instructors | Maye-E Wong, Nancy Borowick, Andy Scott

  • Long-Term Project Development Alumni Workshop, 2021
    Instructors | Brian Frank, Sarah Blesener, Jenny Stratton

  • Long-Term Project Development Workshop, 2020
    Instructors | Brian Frank, Sarah Blesener, Jenny Stratton

  • Foundry Photojournalism Workshop, India, 2018
    Instructor | Maggie Steber

  • Foundry Photojournalism Workshop, Mexico, 2017
    Instructor | Andrea Bruce

  • University of California, San Diego
    B.A. International Studies, 2010


  • 2024 Dorothea Lange Fellowship

  • 2023 Dorothea Lange Fellowship honorable mention

  • 2023 Pulitzer Center Reporting Fellowship


  • PHOTOS | KQED, 1 Nov 2023. Survivors from California’s Period of Forced Sterilization Denied Reparations


  • PHOTOS + WORDS | The Oaklandside, 7 Aug 2023.
    What violence prevention in Oakland looks like


  • PHOTOS + AUDIO + WORDS | Oaklandside, 5 July 2023. How Oakland kids are dancing, splashing, and skating their way through summer


  • VIDEO + PHOTOS + WORDS | The Oaklandside, 24 Feb 2023. An Oakland day laborer sheds light on immigration’s hidden costs


  • PHOTOS | KQED, 24 Feb 2023. New Art on BART Reminds Us We All Can Help End Domestic Violence


  • WORDS | The Oaklandside, 3 Feb 2023. Oakland programs are supporting Black postpartum women


  • WORDS | Oakland North, 3 Feb 2023. Oakland groups work to reduce preventable postpartum deaths in Black mothers


  • PHOTOS + WORDS | The Oaklandside, 12 Dec 2022. How one health center is serving Oakland’s growing Mam community


  • PHOTOS + WORDS | Oakland North, 12 Dec 2022. Oakland WIC team uses TikTok to reach Mam-speaking mothers


  • PHOTOS + WORDS | The Oaklandside, 16 Nov 2022. Oakland trees are dying faster than they can be planted, despite community efforts


  • PHOTOS + WORDS | Oakland North, 16 Nov 2022. Oakland is losing more trees than it is planting, leaving some neighborhoods more exposed to pollution


  • EDITOR | Oakland North, 8 Nov 2022. Oakland Election 2022


  • PHOTOS | The Oaklandside, 3 Nov 2022. One of Fruitvale’s only optometry practices faithfully serves its patients


  • PHOTOS + WORDS | Oakland North, 16 Oct 2022. “This country is really nice, but it has a price’: Fruitvale laborers take stage with stories of love, loss, longing


  • PHOTOS + WORDS | The Oaklandside, 4 Oct 2022. Queer Healing Art Center celebrates 1 year of ‘Oakland Art Battles’


  • PHOTOS + WORDS | Oakland North, 4 Oct 2022. On your mark. Get set. Paint!


  • PHOTOS | El Tecolote, 5 Aug 2022. 988 mental health hotline may be flawed, but it’s safer than calling 911



  • Diversify Photo Up Next | Summer Cohort 2022

  • AAJA | Asian American Journalists Association


Asian American and Pacific Islander Communities, Climate Change and Ocean Resources, Community-centered reporting, Criminal Justice, Decolonization, Public Education, Women's Rights/Health, racial and economic justice

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