Charles Ayitey

Charles Ayitey

Class of 2024

Until his admission to UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism (Class of 2024), Charles Ayitey was with Ghana’s leading private and independent news agency called; the Multimedia Group.

He has, for nearly a decade, reported on an array of social issues including entrepreneurship and climate change.

Charles’ influence on the SME sector earned him the Top 10 Business Journalists Award at the National Brands Innovation Forum and Awards Night in Ghana. In July 2022, he was among top climate journalists in the Africa to win the Climate Journalism Awards.

In 2021, He was the only Ghanaian journalist nominated to cover the Africa-France Economic Summit in Montpellier. He also represented the Ghanaian media as a speaker at the 2022 Europe-Africa Business Forum.

At J-School, Charles is poised to advance his skills and exposure by exploring fields in documentary filmmaking, narrative writing and data visualization – major tools that make up a 360 degree 21st Century journalist.


  • UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism
    Master of Journalism - Class of 2024

  • Ghana Institute of Journalism
    Bachelor of Arts, Journalism

    - Class of 2015


  • Multimedia Group Limited - Accra, Ghana (Broadcast Journalist)
    December 6 2016 - August 2022

    - Produced and anchored business news bulletins

    - Produced human interest feature news

    - Moderated high-level conferences and forums

    - Assigned to live news coverage and reports

  • Genesis Media - Africa Chapter (Digital editorial assistant
    Genesis Media)
    10/2015 - 11/2018

    - Managed Ghana's editorial team with decisive and disruptive online media strategies

    - Made news outlet the top 3 in

    - Introduced Ghana's first ever multimedia online news reader interactivity.

    - Tripled unique readership from 500k of initial publisher stages to 10 million in 5th operational year.

  • Face2face Africa - USA (Staff Writer)
    05/2015 - 08/2018

    - Researched and published Pan-African articles that sell good narratives of African history and political development.

    - Featured on BBC Radio 5 for an interview regarding an article on the ban on skin bleaching in Ghana.

    - Executed online news analysis op-eds on the economic and political comparisons of African nations as pegged against
    the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.


  • Africa Climate Change, Environmental Reporting Awards (06/2022 - Present)
    Issuer: Pan African Climate Justice Alliance
    - 1st Runner Up TV Category

  • Top 10 Business Journalist in Ghana
    (05/2022 - Present)

    Issuer: Brand Innovations Forum - Ghana (Radcomm Group)


  • Self-made wounds young entrepreneurs inflict on their businesses. - June 7, 2022 young-entrepreneurs-inflict-on-their-businesses/

  • A United States of Africa: Real Possibility Or
    Mere Rhetoric? - May 25, 2018

    tps:// possibility-mere-rhetoric

  • US-based young Ghanaian entrepreneurs pioneer “Airbnb” rent module in Ghana, Africa - May 2022

  • Ghanaian artist redesigns US bus shelters with Adinkra symbols - April 2022


  • National Association of Black Journalists


Community-centered reporting, Public health, economic equity, ethnic minorities