Caron Creighton

Caron Creighton


Caron Creighton is a journalist and filmmaker who has reported on Israel/Palestine, global African migration patterns, and the Bay Area’s homelessness crisis. She holds Bachelor’s degrees from Michigan State University, in both Arabic and Professional Writing, as well as a Master’s in Journalism from UC Berkeley. She has worked for the Associated Press in Jerusalem where she focused her reporting on the struggles faced by Eritrean migrants in Israel. She also co-produced and directed a short film following a West African asylum seeker as he traveled from South America to the U.S. border. Much of her work is focused on displacement within the African diaspora. She is currently a resident filmmaker at SFFilm FilmHouse where she is directing a documentary on Oakland’s largest homeless encampment fighting eviction.


  • UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism

  • Michigan State University, B.A. Arabic Language, B.A. Professional Writing


  • Pulitzer Center Student Fellow – 2018

  • Mark of Excellence Award, Society of Professional Journalists (Region 4) – 2013


Sec. Title Time Location
002 J283 Video Reporting and Storytelling (Section 2)
Spring 2024
Tu 9am–1pm; Thu 10am–1pm 106 North Gate (Upper News) — 106 North Gate (Upper News)