Carolina Galbiati

Class of 2022

Hello! I’m Carolina, a 25-year-old freelance content contributor, designer, and brand owner, and ex-editor-in-chief of my University’s magazine, Peacock Plume. Having recently graduated from the American University in Paris with a BA in Journalism, I am very passionate about the research and editing process of an article or documentary on a variety of topics ranging from American politics to contemporary art, feminism and women’s rights, with a particular interest in investigative reporting. I work with mediums under the umbrella of communications such as video, internet blogging, broadcast, data research. I’m also very active in the fashion community both in Paris and Milan, having worked in lots of different showrooms and fashion week events. This year, I decided to open my own brand and establish myself as a designer as well.  I obtained my minor in Film Studies, where I learned about video production and making my own films and documentaries. I am passionate about teaching kids how to surf, cooking, travel photography, and running.