Caleb Hampton


I am a writer, photographer and video journalist. I grew up nearby in Davis and earned my bachelor’s degree from San Francisco State University. Since arriving at UC Berkeley, I’ve mostly reported on immigration in the SF Bay Area. I’ve written about people who have experienced some the most direct consequences of Trump’s presidency and policies. I reported on Haitians organizing to save their legal status. I wrote about immigrants who, after years in the U.S., rushed to apply for citizenship because of Trump’s anti-immigration policies. I wrote about a mental health crisis hotline dedicated to serving Muslim youth that’s been working overtime since Trump’s election. I’ve also reported stories of immigrants who continue to thrive despite the current political climate, like the Castro family, who owns the Bay Area’s oldest African grocery store, and Ghanaian salon owner Cynthia Obleton. And I’ve written about how political events from Barcelona to Monrovia affected Catalonians and Liberians living in the Bay Area.


  • San Francisco State University

  • University of Ghana, Legon


  • Dean's Merit Fellowship 2017


Immigration, Politics, Sports


Narrative Writing, Photojournalism, Video Journalism