J284A Documentary and Short-Series Workshop

J284A is the first semester of a year-long, immersive workshop where second-year students produce, shoot, and edit their Thesis Projects. In J284A, the classroom is transformed into a professional workshop space where students learn advanced visual storytelling concepts and engage in practices modeled after the field. Students pitch projects in a pitch forum, write detailed treatments, conduct pre-interviews, and create a comprehensive budget, schedule, and plan for their productions. Through this holistic approach, students emerge with a solid, actionable plan to film their Thesis Project, underpinned by a commitment to uphold the rigorous standards of visual journalism.


SPRING 2025 Semester: J284B is the culmination of the documentary workshop, guiding second-year students through the final stages of editing their Thesis Projects. Students edit their films, present work-in-progress cuts, and receive valuable feedback from instructors, peers, and a professional editor. The curriculum is enhanced with sessions on music composition, graphics, and post-finishing processes. Students polish their films with support from professionals. Sessions on distribution are designed to equip students with the skills to present and publish their work. This critical training lays the groundwork for their transition from student to professional.



Time:  Tue, 9am–1pm

Location:  101 North Gate (Production Lab)

Class Number:  30406

Section:  001

Units:  4

Length:  15 weeks

Course Material Fee:  None

Enroll Limit:  19

Restrictions & Prerequisites

J282 and J283