J283 Video Reporting and Storytelling (Section 2)

This is a required course for all students who will continue on to the short form video or Documentary thesis concentrations.

It will meet twice a week. The course is structured around 2 simultaneous modules: Module 1: Technical sessions designed to promote advanced proficiency in several technical production skills critical to the process of video storytelling (editing, camera, sound, and lighting). Module 2: Hands-on experience pitching, reporting, field and show producing, writing and structuring news video pieces on deadline, culminating in a longer piece in the second half of the semester.

Students will showcase multiple pieces throughout the semester as part of this course.



Time:  Tu 9am–1pm; Thu 10am–1pm

Location:  106 North Gate (Upper News)

Class Number:  33609

Section:  002

Units:  5

Length:  15 weeks

Course Material Fee:  None

Enroll Limit:  8

Restrictions & Prerequisites