Search Tips

Using the Google / J-School Search Engine


Basic Searches

If you type more than one word into the search box, that will retrieve pages on which both words appear somewhere on the page.

To locate pages on which an exact phrase occurs,
surround your words in double quotation marks - " "

A phrase search is likely the best way to quickly narrow a broad search down to just a few pages. For example:

admissions information yields 13 hits
"admissions information" yields 2 hits

The search engine is not case sensitive, so it doesn't matter if you capitalize words or not.

Advanced Searching

The Google search engine supports the Boolean operators AND, OR and NOT for more sophisticated searches.

  • Using OR between two words will retrieve all pages that include either one word OR the other.
  • Using NOT between two words will retrieve pages that include the first word but NOT if the second word is also on that page.
  • AND is the default setting, and will retrieve all pages on which both words appear.

For example:

admissions yields 28 hits.
information yields 463 hits.
admissions or information yields 478 hits
admissions not information yields 15 hits
admissions and information yields 13 hits
admissions information yields 13 hits (same as admissions and information)


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