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Alan Mutter

Alan Mutter

Alan D. Mutter is a former newspaper editor, cable-television executive and Silicon Valley CEO who teaches media economics and entrepreneurship at the Graduate School of Journalism at the University of California at Berkeley and writes about the changing media landscape at Reflections of a Newsosaur.

Mutter began his career as a newspaper columnist and editor at the Chicago Daily News and later rose to City Editor of the Chicago Sun-Times. In 1984, he became the No. 2 editor of the San Francisco Chronicle. He left the newspaper business in 1988 to join InterMedia Partners, a start-up company that became one of the largest cable-TV companies in the country. Mutter was the COO of InterMedia when he moved to Silicon Valley in 1996 to lead the first of the three start-up companies he led as CEO. The companies he headed were a pioneering Internet service provider and two enterprise-software companies delivering cutting-edge solutions for media companies. Mutter now is a consultant specializing in corporate initiatives and new media ventures that combine his twin passions, journalism and technology. He joined the adjunct faculty of the Journalism School in January, 2009.

Mutter’s classes discuss the ways technology and changing consumer behavior are affecting the practice and economics of journalism. In other words, he worries about how journalists in the future will get paid. If you are worried about that, too, take one of his classes.


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