Berkeley Journalism hiring temporary, part-time instructors for spring 2022

November 2, 2021

J255 Journalism Ethics — (7 weeks; 3 teaching hrs/wk)

This is a required class for all students on the values and rules guiding journalism practice. This class should begin with the overriding ethical principles of journalism, then delve into case studies and contemporary ethical dilemmas often encountered by media professionals. Areas could include the evolving nature of journalistic neutrality, how race and identity factor into the ethical discussions about story decisions, as well as the systemic structures that prohibit representation of some communities in the media, and the ripple effect this has on the wider electorate. The lead instructor will be principal teacher, which consists of interactive lectures plus breakout sections. Preferred candidates would have deep experience in journalism and/or in professional ethics. Those with a strong desire to inspire and lead spirited discussion of values are especially encouraged to apply.

J219 On Camera and Voice Coaching Mini — (5 weeks; 3 teaching hrs/wk)

This is a five-week mini course that covers how to present on camera for both live and scripted newscasts. It should also include exercises around voice coaching that are relevant to other forms of broadcast like radio or podcasting. Among other topics that this course could include: script writing; analyzing show rundowns; understanding the mechanics, timing, and flow of broadcast news; and learning performance and delivery in a way that is applicable not only to news, but to presentation to an audience in any circumstance. This is a methodology course that should require a final project at the end of the five weeks.

J219 Sport Reporting Mini — (5 weeks; 3 teaching hrs/wk)

This is a five-week mini course that covers how to report sports news. It may include game stories, but our primary interest in this class should center more on sports features, and generally presenting sports stories in a way that is accessible to a wider audience. This class could touch on narrative techniques, the intersection of race and education in sports, ethics when reporting sports topics, and how to find human stories within a wide range of competitive gaming topics. This is a mixture lecture/seminar course that should require one final project related to sports reporting.

J219 Entrepreneurial News Mini — (5 weeks; 3 teaching hrs/wk)

This is a five-week mini course that covers topics related to business models, new ventures, or more generally the economy of news. There is wide discretion on how to approach this class, but it could include looking at innovative ways news is being funded, how to develop a business plan for launching a news venture, or the economic impact social media plays in disseminating news. Interested candidates are encouraged to pitch other ideas not mentioned here that are broadly within this rubric. This is a seminar class that should include plenty of discussion, and one final assignment.

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All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, age, or protected veteran status. The University of California, Berkeley is an AA/EEO employer.


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