Edwin Dobb

Continuing Lecturer

Teaching Schedule - Spring 2017:

Course # Title Units Time Location
J298 Introduction to Narrative Writing 3 T 2:00 - 5:00 108/Lower NG

More stubborn than smart, Edwin Dobb was in his mid-30s, his teenage children weary of wearing Goodwill clothes, before he conceded that writing plays and working in the theater would never pay the rent. Luckily, opportunity knocked, improvisational malarkey prevailed, and he found himself editing (code word for ghostwriting) at a greatly admired award-winning magazine in New York called The Sciences. Against all expectation, Dobb eventually became editor-in-chief. He also became discontent and, on the verge of financial security for the first time in his life, left to write full-time. That was 1990.

Since then, Dobb has sold sentences to all manner of publications, from Reader's Digest and Vogue to Discover, Audubon, and The New York Times Magazine. In time, to his great relief, the hackwork decreased and he secured assignments with more heft and consequence. From 1998 to 2007, Dobb was a contributing writer at Harper’s. For the past several years he's been working for National Geographic. Dobb is the co-writer and co-producer of a documentary film, called Butte, America, that aired on Independent Lens in the fall of 2009. A lecturer since 2000, and a longstanding investigative anthropologist, he teaches reported narrative writing, literary nonfiction, and environmental journalism.

Published Work: