Thursday, February 11th


The Other Side: Covering Social Issues in China

Although journalists in China operate under close government control, a number of them are reporting effectively on the country’s many social problems.  One of the leaders in such coverage is Xiaowai Xiao, a director for China Central TV (CCTV) who is a visiting scholar this year at the Graduate School of Journalism. 

She will show some of her work and discuss the process of getting cutting-edge stories on the air.  Traditional snacks will be provided to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Admission is free. 

China Central TV is the predominant state television broadcaster in China. CCTV, the dominant and state-owned broadcaster in China, has a network of 45 channels reaching more than 1 billion viewers.

About Xiaowai Xiao:

After gaining a master degree from Peking University in International Relations, Xiaowai Xiao has worked for China Central TV for 12 years. She established CCTV’s first bureau in Malaysia in 2010 and then transferred from news reporting to in-depth features after she went back to Beijing in 2012. In January, 2015, Xiaowai was named the best staff member at CCTV after she won a series of national prizes for her in-depth reporting and documentaries. By producing English-language documentaries, she hopes to show a fuller picture of China to the world.


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