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Raissa Robles: "Living Dangerously: Investigative Reporting from Marcos to Duterte"

Raissa Robles is the author of Marcos Martial Law: Never Again, A brief history of torture and atrocity under the New Society. It won in October 2016 the International Award for Excellence in Journalism from the International Christian Organization of the Media (ICOM), Geneva.

Earlier, Robles wrote a biography on the late Philippine President Elpidio Quirino titled To Fight without End: The Story of a Misunderstood President, which was also a study on state corruption.

She has interviewed five Philippine presidents after Marcos.

She is the publisher-webmaster-writer of the investigative and news blog, raissarobles.com – inside Philippine politics and beyond. The blog was judged the “Best Society and Politics Blog in the Philippines” at the 2015 Bloggys Awards, sponsored by the Philippine Daily Inquirer, ABS-CBN and Rappler.  Whenever highly controversial topics are posted, the blog gets over 80,000 unique visitors and over 2.8 million requests daily, together with 3,000 threats trying to take her site offline. Fortunately, the San Francisco-based content delivery network Cloudflare provides robust protection under its Project Galileo program.

Robles is also the senior Manila correspondent of South China Morning Post, Asia’s oldest English daily, in Hong Kong. She has contributed to the Times of London, The Mail Online, BBC Radio, the Economist Intelligence Unit, Reuters, the defunct Riyadh Daily newspaper and Asiaweek magazine. She has also been interviewed by Voice of America and National Public Radio.

She does both political and business news and has been covering the Mindanao rebel conflict, peace talks, Islamic radicalism and Beijing-Manila relations.

She graduated from the University of the Philippines with a BA in English, magna cum laude, and later took a course at the International Institut für Journalismus in Berlin.

Her twitter handle is @raissawriter and Facebook community page is https://www.facebook.com/raissawriter/.


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