Tuesday, March 31st


NY Times Op-Ed Editor Trish Hall

How do some of the most varied, popular and intriguing sections of the New York Times come together? And more importantly, how do you get your work published there? Join us for a discussion with NYT Op-Ed Editor Trish Hall as she gives us the scoop!

Trish Hall oversees outside opinion at The New York Times — that includes the daily Op Eds, the Sunday Review Section, the staff columnists and the contributing columnists who write once a month, as well as the special series that live under the title Opinionator, which at the moment includes pieces on philosophy, death, animals and solutions to social problems, among other things. 

Trish Hall will explain how the NYT assigns and edits; how they fact check; what makes a good Opinion piece; how they try to balance different points of view; and what they look for in regular contributors. Come with lots of questions!


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