Monday, February 1st


International Criminal Court Outreach and Interactive Radio for Justice with Wanda Hall

Interactive Radio for Justice (IRFJ) uses media to help improve awareness of the International Criminal Court and rule of law in general by creating a mechanism for people in target-communities to speak with justice officials via the radio and in person. IRFJ currently operates in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Central African Republic, two countries where the ICC is investigating, and where people have been arrested on charges of crimes against humanity by the Court.

The UCB Human Rights Center co-hosts a presentation by Wanda Hall, IRFJ Director, with the School of Journalism and the Center for African Studies to explore working in these zones of conflict where the Court is involved in order to increase the impact of international justice in these communities.

Free, open to the public.

Check hrc.berkeley.edu for more information or call 642-0965


Graduate School of Journalism, UCB Human Rights Center, Center for African Studies


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