Thursday, April 26th


Iduvina Hernandez Batres

Iduvina Hernandez Batres is a security analyst writer and an activist who has tirelessly fought for human rights in her native Guatemala, where reporters and agitators are often killed. In 1984, she was forced into exile in Mexico after the death of her colleague. There, she began working as a journalist, a career that she continued when she returned to Guatemala. She continues to receive threats of violence due to the nature of her work.

Iduvina is currently the Director of the Association for the Study and Promotion of Security in Democracy, a non-governmental organization that works to reduce impunity and improve the democratic process in Guatemala. She has extensively studied the reform of the Guatemalan intelligence services, which were responsible for many human rights abuses during the civil war. She is a frequent contributor to the online news agency Plaza Publica.

Iduvina will speak about her work, the state of human rights, and the dangers of being a journalist in Guatemala. Her tour was organized by The Guatemala Human Rights Commission/USA in D.C., which is also providing a translator for the event. 


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