Monday, May 5th


Cousin Felix Meets the Buddha

UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism

cordially invites you to meet:


Author of Cousin Felix Meets the Buddha: and Other Encounters in China

and Tibet



Among veteran Asia correspondents, Lincoln Kaye enjoys a near legendary

reputation as someone who dives deeper and ranges farther than most of

his colleagues. A longtime correspondent in Indonesia, India, Hong Kong

and China for the Far Eastern Economic Review, Kaye is the author of the

recent “Cousin Felix Meets the Buddha: and Other Encounters in China

and Tibet” (Farar Straus & Giroux) illustrated by his Taiwanese

wife Hsu Mei-Lang. His journalistic style is picaresque_vivid descriptions

of chance encounters and back road tales that are Chaucerian in their

richness. Given a choice, Kaye shirks the first-class express compartment

for the 3rd class local. He is more at home in the roadside tea stall

than the five star hotel. The result in “Cousin Felix, ” which

has won rave reviews in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington

Post and other publications, is a journey into a China full of characters

that include a reincarnated Tibetan llamas, unreconstructed Maoists, slick

lawyers and common folk on quests and missions seldom covered in the daily


Please bring a brown-bag lunch and come hear Kaye and Hsu Mei-Lang,

who now live in Northern California, speak about their work.

(Books will be available for sale)


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