Please join us for the final screenings of master’s films from the documentary
class of 2003, on Sunday, November 2 at 6 pm and Tuesday, November 4 at
6:30 pm. Our venue is the Parkway
Theater in Oakland
, a neighborhood institution that dishes out pizza
and beer along with great movies.

So come early, order beer and pizza, and settle in for programs that
feature 70,000 tons of nuclear waste, the global journey of the matsutake
mushroom and multiple crossings of the green line. Not to mention Trent
Lott in cheerleader’s garb.

Sunday, Nov. 2, at 6 pm:

Take It and Like It By Kate Davidson and Bret Sigler

Why would a town accept 70,000 tons of nuclear waste in its own backyard?
This film explores what happens when one town’s quest for stability in
the Nevada desert encounters the nation’s search for a place to bury its
high-level radioactive waste.

Cheerleader By Kimberlee Bassford

The Tigers want to make it to the national cheerleading championships.
They’e also eight to eleven years old. The film explores the quest to
be a champion, the experience of being female and the ins and outs of
an All-American pastime, all through the eyes of some of the nation’s
youngest cheerleaders.

Uncovering Glen Canyon By Chris Van Bebber

Examines the legacy and impact of the Glen Canyon Dam on the Colorado
River. The documentary explores the history of the dam’s construction
and the intricacies of its impact on the unique ecosystem of the Colorado
River. The film delves into our relationship with wilderness and the difficulty
of repairing the damage done to the environment.

Matsutake By Todd Dayton

The globe-trotting tale of an edible wild mushroom, the folks who make
it their life and livelihood, and the global economy.