Thursday, March 12th


American Catch with Paul Greenberg

Presented by the The Knight Center for Science and Environmental Journalism.

Introduction by Micahel Pollan.

“The US controls more ocean than any other country on earth – about 2.5 billion acres – but more than 85 percent of the seafood we eat is imported. Why does this happen? Because the farmed stuff is cheap and the wild stuff is expensive. Americans like a bargain, even if it is the devil’s bargain.”

Paul Greenberg, author of American Catch, will lead a discussion on the global politics that shape the fishing industry, and how it affects the California coast. As the nation’s seafood supply continues to unravel, join us for a panel featuring Bay Area experts who are trying to keep our seafood local, healthy and sustainable. 

Greenberg lectures widely on seafood and ocean sustainability, and his lectures have included the United States Supreme Court, Harvard University, Google headquarters and the Monterey Bay Aquarium.


Kenny Belov: Restaurateur of Fish restaurant, Sausalito. Founder of Fish or Cut Bait (FOCB) and Two X Sea

Alan Lovewell: Founder of CSF Local Catch, working with Monterey schools to introduce local/sustainable seafood

Ernie Koepf: Commercial herring fishermen

Kate Kauer: Fisheries Project Director, The Nature Conservancy – Central Coast Groundfish Project

Sheila Bowman: Monterey Bay Seafood Watch: culinary and strategic initiatives


The Knight Center for Science and Environmental Journalism


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