J298 Writing with Power

This course aims to develop and sharpen your writing in a small seminar environment. We’ll spend the first classes discussing voice and tone, clarity and brevity, pace and precision, dialogue and detail, with a novelist’s eye. Then we’ll turn the lens on your own work, using pieces you’re working on for your other classes – whether those are multimedia, narrative, news/investigative etc – and move to one-on-one sessions of writing and editorial guidance. This course is an opportunity to hone your work in individual consultations that address your writing concerns, whether that’s planning and shaping or fine-tuning and wordsmithing.



Time:  W 5:00 - 8:00

Location:  209 North Gate (Greenhouse)

Class Number:  16974

Section:  003

Units:  3

Length:  15 weeks

Course Material Fee:  None

Enroll Limit:  12

Restrictions & Prerequisites