J298 Writing the Non-Fiction Book

Narrative writing requires not only accurate, conscientious reporting, but carefully thinking out your storytelling strategy. Good storytelling is the foundation of catching people’s attention in film, radio, TV and other media. In this course, we will work with the older medium of the written word. If you want your readers to stay with you for a newspaper feature story or a full-length magazine piece, you have to learn what good storytellers have been doing for thousands of years to make people sit up and listen.




Time:  M 9:00-12:00

Location:  209 North Gate (Greenhouse)

Class Number:  48165

Section:  14

Units:  3


Course Material Fee:  

Enroll Limit:  12

Restrictions & Prerequisites

To take this class, you must submit to the instructor by December 1 a sample of your writing and a clear concept for a book approved by him as an idea that he thinks has a good shot at finding a commercial publisher.