J294 Master’s Project Advising (Required all 2nd years)

This is one-unit credit every student will receive for pairing with their master’s project advisor. This is required to graduate. Every master’s advisor will grade you based on your performance completing your master’s project. This course will be submitted, among other degree-required courses, to the Graduate Division to confer your degree.

This is not a class with a specific meeting time. Students are responsible to arrange a regular meeting schedule with their master’s advisor, minimally twice a month if not more frequent. In some cases, students will meet with an advisor through a capstone course, but students need to check-in with their advisor outside of those courses to ensure they are making satisfactory progress on their project.

Should you ever switch master’s advisor, you will need to switch this course so that you receive credit from the correct instructor. Swaps are only organized by the Head Graduate Advisor (this year it is Ed Wasserman.)

CCNS are be posted below:

Section Course Number Instructor
001 16392 Jennifer Redfearn
002 16393 David Barstow
003 16394 Elena Conis
004 33568 Bill Drummond
005 16395 Jennifer Kahn
006 16396 Jeremy Rue
008 16397 Ken Light
015 16398 Andrés Cediel
016 16399 Queena Kim
017 16400 Lisa Armstrong
018 16401 Mark Danner
019 16402 Ed Wasserman
020 16403 Richard Koci Hernandez
021 33567 Shereen Marisol Meraji






Time:  By appointment

Location:  By appointment

Class Number:  See description


Units:  1

Length:  15 weeks

Course Material Fee:  None

Enroll Limit:  

Restrictions & Prerequisites

Required for ALL second-year students.