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November 12, 2019

Applications are now available for the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. Click here to learn more about the application process. The application deadline is December 2nd.

Our 2-year Master of Journalism program hones your curiosity, creativity and fearless resolve into an effective force.

  • Build a career founded in journalistic integrity and driven by cutting-edge multimedia storytelling.
  • Deepen your skills under an engaged faculty of master journalists.
  • Build a portfolio of work that informs, influences and inspires.
  • Join a community of curious, driven, independent thinkers who believe that truth and integrity matter.

Apply to Berkeley Journalism

Berkeley is unlike other graduate programs in the country. It’s a two-year intensive program focused on hands-on skills, investigative reporting, and mastering the latest digital technologies. We’re a diverse school, with students hungry to uncover hidden stories and expose injustice against the vulnerable.

Berkeley is a public university and is more affordable than many of our private counterparts. We also offer an array of merit-based scholarships and funding options after admission is offered.

Some of our latest news:

  • Four-time Pulitzer Prize-winner David Barstow, formerly of The New York Times, is now
    heading up our prestigious Investigative Reporting Program.
  • 2019 graduate Eva Rendle’s documentary master’s project “All That Remains” won the bronze medal at the Student Academy Awards for Best Documentary, continuing a five-year tradition of Berkeley students either winning, or medaling, in the country’s top documentary competition.
  • Five 2019 graduates, Simon Campbell, Yutao Chen, Francesca Fenzi, Susie Neilson and Anne Wernikoff, were nominated for the David Teeuwen Student Journalism Award from The Online News Association for their multimedia master’s projects Unseen: Working in the Shadow of the Golden State, with Yutao Chen and Francesca Fenzi’s story Dirty Business taking home the top prize. This continues a 10-year tradition of our students winning, or being nominated, for this competition.
  • A Pulitzer Prize was awarded to two alumni, Stephen Hobbs (’14) and Alexandra Berzon
    (’06), for their reporting. Hobbs’ work was on the mass shooting at Parkland, Fla.’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, and Berzon’s was on President Donald Trump’s secret payoffs.

All students complete a Master’s Project during their second year in one of six mediums:

  • Long-Form Narrative Writing
  • Documentary Film
  • Short-Form Video Storytelling
  • Audio Reporting
  • Photojournalism
  • Multimedia Reporting

Among the classes we offer are:

• Documentary Filmmaking  • Podcasting  • Interactive Coding  • Data Journalism  • Narrative Writing  • International Reporting • Video Editing



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