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Sean Greene is a multimedia journalist covering science and the environment. He's waded in knee-deep mud, braved the high seas and ridden on a motorbike through the Vietnamese countryside following great stories. Before enrolling at the U.C. Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, he worked for a year at the Orange County Register, mostly covering the city of Costa Mesa. His work has also appeared in Bay Nature Magazine, the Ventura County Star, the East Bay Express and on, where he was a science radio intern.

Published Articles & Highlights:

Living Shorelines: Recruiting Oysters for Habitat Restoration and Climate Adaptation
Bay Nature Magazine
How restoring native oysters to the San Francisco Bay could return the ecosystem to health and help protect the shoreline from the effects of sea level rise.
Research vessel spots blue whales — now can their observation help others?
Bay Nature Magazine
About 30 miles off the California coast, the R/V Fulmar barrels across open ocean. The Farallon Islands jut tooth-like above the clear horizon. Aboard the research vessel, a scientist spots something that rouses the attention of the other on the observation deck. “I think they’re blues. They’re blues!” says Jan Roletto.
On Top of the World
Richmond Confidential
Take it from a man who climbed Mount Everest six times: anything is possible. Kami Sherpa is a soft-spoken man who laughs in pronounced staccato bursts. He’s wearing a jungle green Everest jacket. When he climbs stairs or breaks into a jog, he looks more like he’s gliding across the ground and it’s difficult to keep eyes on him, let alone keep up.
UC Berkeley Students Build 3D Printing Vending Machine
KQED Science
Combining 3D printing technology with the convenience and accessibility of the DVD-dispensing Redbox service, student entrepreneurs at UC Berkeley have built a vending machine with a seemingly infinite selection of products. The Dreambox, which now lives in the campus’s Etcheverry Hall, is the first fully automated 3D-printing vending machine, representing a step forward in the democratization of the still-young technology.
As California considers soda tax, Richmond refocuses debate on health
Richmond Confidential
The idea of a soda tax as a weapon against obesity is no longer just local community theater—it’s graduated to the State House.
Wading with the oyster catchers
Richmond Confidential
Point Pinole is perfectly silent except for the squawks of birds flying overhead and the occasional cringe-inducing crunch under foot. The low tide exposes a muddy stretch of shoreline, the rocks red and Martian-like under the setting sun.

Despite its fleeting resemblance to the Red Planet, the question here isn’t whether there’s life, but whether there could be more. There’s plenty of living things at Point Pinole – just look closely at the rocks at low tide or turn over one of the stones and find the source of that crunching sound: the Olympia oyster. (Continue reading)
Mike Raccoon Eyes Kinney
Richmond Confidential
Armed with a Ziploc bag full of bookmarks and a compliment, Mike (Ali) Raccoon Eyes Kinney moves quickly from house to house “slinging paper.”

As an experienced precinct walker, he gives himself 15 seconds to assess each porch before he decides whether to deliver the thin strip of paper emblazoned with a “WE LIKE MIKE!” slogan, his picture and the words “Candidate for Richmond City Council 2012.” If the doorstep is too cluttered, he won’t go near. There might be a dog hiding in there. Apartments? They’re low-vote. Opposing political signage? Forget it.

“It’s insulting to them and it’s insulting to me,” Kinney, 59, says.

He pushes on, stuffing his bookmarks – a more pragmatic form of political communication, versus the glossy mailers that he says just end up in the trash – between chain link fences, potted plants, handrails – anywhere they’ll be noticed. (Continue reading)
Baxter Creek again listed among Bay’s dirtiest waterways
Richmond Confidential
The bushes rustle as Herb Warren emerges toting a trash picker and plastic bucket. The 65-year-old retiree ambles through the plants, snatching up the pieces of littered plastic, food wrappers and bottles along the stretch of Baxter Creek running through Booker T. Anderson Park.

This is Warren’s daily ritual.

“I feel good about myself,” Warren said as he picked up a discarded beer bottle in a dugout. “My father used to do it. He’s deceased. I feel close to him doing this.” (Continue reading)


California College Media Association (March 2013)
ONA Student Newsroom, 2013


Reported a three-day series about the barriers faced by a student service organization operating in Vietnam. The 12-day reporting project was the result of a scholarship from the Bridget O'Brien Foundation, awarded through UCLA's undergraduate student newspaper, The Daily Bruin. The stories appeared in October 2011 and won first place for Best News story at the California College Media Association convention.  Read more...

Sean Greene ('14) reports from the front lines in the battle against climate change  Read more...