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Admissions Info Sessions

Berkeley Journalism admissions representatives, students and faculty regularly conduct on-campus information sessions, and participate in graduate recruiting events around California and across the country.

Program and Admissions Information Sessions @ UC Berkeley

Join Berkeley Journalism for an admissions info session. We will talk about the program, the application, and what the admissions committee is looking for in an applicant. A tour of North Gate Hall will take place at the end of the info session if time permits.


  • Wednesday, November 1,  6-7:30 pm,  Library, North Gate Hall, UCB

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  • Tuesday, October 10, 6:30-8 pm, Library, North Gate Hall, UCB - Joint Info Session with top US Journalism schools.

Confirmed participants: Columbia Journalism School, CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, and USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism.  Possible participants: Medill School of Journalism.

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Program and Admissions Information Sessions @ NYC

  • Thursday, October 5, 6:30-7:30pm

Join Berkeley Journalism alum and Associate Producer at NBC News Whitney Pennington Rodgers for a discussion about the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism program. Learn about curriculum, student life and the application process from someone who's been there, done that, and now works at 30 Rock!

IMPORTANT: In order to attend you must pre-register and you must also provide your Photo ID at the security check-in table the day of the event. Pre-registration will close at noon on Tuesday, October 3rd.

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Virtual Program and Admissions Information Sessions

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Journalism Conferences

Asian American Journalists Association annual conference, Philadelphia, PA, July 27 & 28, 2017

National Association of Black Journalists annual conference, New Orleans, LA, August 9, 10 & 11, 2017

National Association of Hispanic Journalists, Excellence in Journalism, Society of Professional Journalists, and Native American Journalists Association annual conference, Anaheim, CA, September 7 & 8, 2017


Admissions Open House Event

Join us on Monday, October 9th, 2017 for our annual all-day Open House event! Participants meet faculty members, students and staff, sit in on classes and presentations, learn about our financial aid and career planning services, and find out all about our Master of Journalism program. This event is especially designed for those who are seriously considering applying to Berkeley Journalism in the near future.

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Visiting Campus

Visiting North Gate Hall is a great way to learn more about Berkeley Journalism. Make the most of your trip by sitting in on classes and meeting with instructors, students and staff. Take a look at our Course Schedule and identify a few classes that you are interested in attending while you are here. If you would like to attend a class, please contact the professor for permission. Check out the student and faculty pages on our website. Many students and faculty have their email address linked to their profiles. You can contact the people you are interested in meeting with to see if they are free to meet with you at some point during your visit.

You can also schedule a school tour and admissions advising appointment with Camille Koué, our Director of Admissions.


Talk With Us

Schedule a school tour and/or in-person or by-phone admissions advising appointment with Camille Koué, our Director of Admissions. Click here to schedule.

If you have questions, please email our Admissions Team at or call 510-643-0167.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a degree in a specific major to be considered for admission?

The J‑School admits applicants with a wide variety of Bachelor's degrees, from Anthropology to Zoology. An applicant with a technical or science background can approach reporting from a unique perspective. Your performance as an undergraduate is important, just as your commitment to reporting is important.

Are there any prerequisite courses that I need to have taken?

No specific prerequisite coursework is required beyond the successful completion of your bachelor's degree.

What counts as journalism experience?

The admissions committee looks for your dedication to becoming the best reporter you can be. Applicants who demonstrate solid reporting skills and a strong work ethic are favored. The most impressive applicants report stories that have not been previously reported, provide significant value to the community, lack personal bias, show meticulous research, sharp interviewing skills, integrity, and good judgment. Many do this while having an unrelated day job. Research and expertise in technologies and specific topics (eg biochemistry, data visualization) are also impressive to the admissions committee.

If I don't have any journalism experience, do I have a chance of being admitted?

If you have not done any reporting, then it is more difficult to be a successful applicant. However, the admissions committee looks closely at other qualifications and achievements that indicate you are a strong candidate. Also, those who produce journalistic work during the months before the deadline are impressive, and sometimes unpublished research papers or journalistic work can be as strong as published work. Finally, if you need more samples of work, one of the best ways to learn and improve your reporting techniques is to ask a journalist to mentor you. A good mentor will allow you to pitch him/her story ideas, show you storytelling techniques, and help you with the editing and connections you need to get your work published.

What GPA is required in order to be considered for admission?

Berkeley Graduate Division requires a 3.0 GPA for admission. Occasionally an exception can be made if professional experience outweighs the significance of an applicant's performance in college. There is a text box on the application that you can use to provide an explanation about your grades. You can use this to explain why your grades do not reflect of your merit for a Master of Journalism.

What transcripts are required?

An electronic copy of your transcript that shows the official completion of your Bachelor's degree is required. Most international applicants will be required to upload an electronic copy of an official diploma in addition to transcripts.

I took the GRE, should I submit my scores even though they are no longer required?

The GRE is important if you are applying for the FLAS fellowship or if you are applying for a concurrent program that requires it. Otherwise, you do not need to take or report a GRE score.

What are acceptable work samples?

We expect journalists to be sensitive to language and to organize their thoughts clearly and coherently. We ask that the three work samples demonstrate these qualities. Two of the three submissions must be text-based samples, but the third can be audio, video, multimedia, or a photo essay/portfolio. A video sample must be solely produced and directed by the application. Audio samples should be accompanied by a script. International applicants can send work samples in another language, so long as an English translation, by the applicant, is provided. Academic writing samples and research papers are acceptable.

Does the Journalism School accept transfer credit from other institutions?


Does the Journalism School offer summer classes?

Undergraduates may enroll in the Summer Minor Program.  However, we do not offer graduate-level courses during the summer.

Can I apply to be a part-time student? Does the Journalism School offer any correspondence/online courses?

The program is a two-year, full-time Master of Journalism program. We only admit students each fall semester. For workshops and short courses, please visit Berkeley AMI which offers workshops and custom training programs for mid-career journalists.

How will the program work for me if I am interested in Documentary?

All applicants will be evaluated equally by the admissions committee. You must be a student in our journalism program before being considered for advanced documentary coursework. Enrolled students can begin taking Introductory TV Production courses in their first semester. At the end of the second semester, the students who show the most dedication and merit have the opportunity to enroll in advanced documentary classes.