Yunfeng Zhao

Experimenting and innovating, I want to produce the best quality content focused on China and its many environmental challenges. Stay tuned at


University of California, Berkeley, Graduate School of Journalism MJ expected May 2007
Beijing Language and Culture University, Beijing, China BA, English, 2000

Published Stories:

China Air Daily
Asia Society Online
Asia Society Center on US-China Relations, led by former dean Orville Schell, decided to launch China Air Daily, a website that provides up-to-date information on air pollution in the country's largest urban sectors, and even compares them to major cities from elsewhere in the world. The project was produced by alum Michael Zhao, now a multimedia producer at Asia Society with Schell.
Mini film to welcome newborn son
This personal project is ten months in the making, a documentary style introduction of the start of a new chapter in life, the birth of a fist child. Hope you'd all enjoy
THE MELT Off Asia's Water Tower
China Green | Asia Society
No matter what comes out of this year’s UNFCCC negotiations, now in session in Cancun, Mexico, the glaciers keep melting faster as the world loads more and more earth warming gasses into the atmosphere. As government representatives across the planet bargain to find common ground - if any, the earth spins and the air, water, mountains respond to the influences of life on the surface and below. Changes occur and our environment responds as physics dictate. As renowned author, environmentalist and founder Bill KcKibben puts it, “Nature doesn’t meet us half way.” As the human negotiations continue in Cancun and elsewhere, with results positive or not, we inevitably end up running against the most formidable challenge of all time, the laws of Nature whose rules are inflexible. In this package a short video and a panel of comparative images of glaciers encompass the entire debate and transport you from past to present. You will have the chance to both savor the untouched natural beauty of the Tibetan Plateau and see the changes starting with glaciers in the most powerful visual form, which is available only online. Enjoy and share along.
Beijing Air: Better?
China Green
We've been visually documenting Beijing's air quality on a daily basis. We've seen progress, although there's still a long way to go. The preparations for the 2008 Olympics and a 12-billion-yuan investment from Beijing has certainly achieved more "blue sky days." Still pollution still often haunts the city. See our new feature on China Green.
On Thinner Ice

Melting Glaciers on the Roof of the World... Global warming is melting 18,000 Himalayan glaciers, the largest concentration of glaciers outside the polar ice sheets. Their melting spells trouble for not only 2 billion Asians but the whole world.

Tibetan Plateau in Peril
China Green

Michael Zhao, class of 2007, launches new web site, China Green, with former Dean Orville Schell at Asia Society on China's environmental challenges, kicking off the multimedia programming with a look at how significant the Tibetan Plateau's environment is to the billions of Asians.

Clearing The Air
Asia Society

The Olympic Games had focused the world's attention on Beijing's air pollution. Now the question will be, will the blue skies stay or the city will return to smoggy skyline? Check out the "Room with a View" to see yourself whether today, or any day in the year, is a blue sky day or not.

The Heart-Breaking Earthquake Video

Michael Zhao, class of 2007, produced a video of the big China earthquake that rocked the whole nation. This is "China's natural version of 9/11," a monster earthquake that was followed by thousands of aftershocks and literally shook much of the nation.

eDump Documentary

Michael Zhao, class of 2007, publishes his newly cut 20-minute documentary film about electronic waste dumping from the developed world to developing countries on his personal site. This film is a side product of his 2007 master's thesis, a multimedia presentation also available on his site at

Roll 'Em
Forbes Asia magazine

Michael Zhao, class of 2007, writes in Forbes Asia magazine about a Beijing company's recent efforts to spice up the city's subway tunnel walls with LED-powered motion-picture ad-projector system that plays movie-like commercials, no sound for now. Video clips available here.

60-Mile Wi-Fi
Forbes Magazine

Michael Zhao, class of 2007, writes in Forbes Magazine about Inktomi co-founder's latest endeavors to help make life in the Third World more livable.

Giving Points
Forbes Asia Magazine

Michael Zhao, class of 2007, writes in Forbes Asia Magazine about a trail-blazer who cashes in on the increasingly popularity, and profitability, of jifen, the Chinese word for reward points or other consumer loyalty programs in China.

Van Gogh, Outsourced
Forbes Magazine

Michael Zhao, class of 2007, writes in Forbes Magazine about the flooding of China-made art reproductions into American homes and galleries.

Chinese Pet Mating

Michael Zhao, class of 2007, writes in about the booming pet industry in China.

Don't Hand Me That Gu Ge
Forbes Magazine

Michael Zhao, class of 2007, writes in Forbes Magazine about Google's slipping in China and search market going the way of the hometeam there.

Agents, Title Companies Court New Buyers
East Bay Business Times

Michael Zhao, class of 2007, writes in East Bay Business Times about the growing real estate market for ethnic populations such as Hispanics and Asians in the East Bay.

Celebrity in China - Out of the Dorm
The Economist

For The Economist, Michael Zhao, class of 2007 writes "Two Chinese college kids got hugely famous by lip-syncing Backstreet Boys in front of their webcamera. Now they will shoot for an ad for Pepsi Cola in China."

Work Experience:

Intern, Forbes Magazine, New York, NY, June 2006-August 2006 Fact checked stories, generated story ideas and published stories in the magazine, Forbes Asia and, additional reporting or research for Forbes and Forbes Asia.
News Assistant, The New York Times, Beijing Bureau, Beijing, China, August 2003-August 2005 Assist with reporting, interview coordination and information and data mining, worked on stories in social, business, culture, breaking events, etc.,routine office administration.
Program Officer, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China, July 2000-August 2003 Interpreter/translator for CAS managerial staff, escorted CAS delegations overseas and received foreign visitors, organized international scientific exchange meetings.
Exchange Staff, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia, December 2001
Intern Story Writer/Editor, English Service, China Radio International, Beijing, China, July 1999-August 199 Wrote English news stories for world wide broadcast, assisted with air program editing.
Intern Newscaster, Int. Dept., Wuhan Television Station, Hubei China, January 1999 Wrote and narrated English news stories for Evening English News.
Co-author,Urban Chinese: Mandarin in 21st Century China, 2001 360-page book on the Chinese language and culture.