Fay Abuelgasim

Before coming to Berkeley, Fay was living in the East Coast producing for Al Jazeera Arabic television in the New York Bureau. She earned her degree in International Relations and Communication at Syracuse University.
She loves to travel and has lived in many countries including France and the UK. She is originally from Sudan and speaks three languages and wants to learn more.
Fay is passionate about international journalism and wishes to explore that further here at Berkeley.


Syracuse University
January 2006 - May 2009
B.S in International Relations and Communication and Rhetorical studies. Minor in French.

Published Stories:

Voting for Change
CNS News
The story starts in minute 12. After 22 years of civil war, South Sudanese had the chance to vote on whether they want to be part of Sudan or split into two. I went to my home country of Sudan to report on the referendum that eventually spilt the country into two. But there are around a million South Sudanese who live in the North, how was the voting process for them? This story explores the complications for the people who will now be foreigners living in a country that was once theirs.
Feta No More. Greek Store is Up For Sale after 70 years
Mission Loc@l
It might be time to go somewhere else for your feta cheese and olives. After 70 years at 2365 Mission St. between 19th and 20th streets, My Big Fat Greek Store, officially Hellenic-American Greek Imports, is up for sale...
Mission Kids Talk About Dream Jobs
Mission Loc@l
Kids from the Mission tell us what they want to be when they grow up.
12 hours on 24th and Valencia
Mission Loc@l
Mission Loc@l spent 12 hours on the corner of 24th and Valencia to see the many faces that go past that corner.
First Time with First-Timers — Gingerbread Edition
Mission Loc@l
Shot and edited a video from Mission Loc@l's Holiday recipes series.
Five Men Who Struggle
Mission Loc@l
This is the story of five men without a home.
Time to Shop Somewhere Else: Delano’s Is Closed
Mission Loc@l
“Sorry sir, Delano’s is closed.” “For good?” the customer asked, perplexed. “Yes, it is closed. Yesterday was the last day,” said the security guard, Michael Bush...
Memorial Celebrates Pico Sanchez’s Life
Mission Loc@l
An photo slideshow and article on the Memorial of Pico Sanchez, a popular artist in the Mission District
For Some, Thanksgiving is a Regular Working Day
Mission Loc@l
A look at those work during Thanksgiving.
Missionites: Follow Your Ballot
Mission Loc@l
Interactive graphic following a ballot from the minute a vote is cast till the vote is counted.
Sit/Lie Prop. Splits Middle Eastern Smoke Shops
Mission Loc@l
Nine smoke shops line Mission Street from 16th to 24th streets, and all are owned by Middle Easterners. Family? Several. Friends? Yes. Agreement on the Sit/Lie proposition that would affect many of their customers who live on the streets? No....
24 Hour Comic Challenge
Mission Loc@l
Mission Loc@l went to the Mission Comic & Art on 20th street for their annual 24 Hour Comic Book Challenge, where artists have 24 hours to create a comic book from scratch...
3 Hate Crimes in 5 Months
Mission Loc@l
Tony Dunlap could barely stand up straight and slowly attempted to swallow painkillers as he recalled what happened in a Sept. 10th attack that the police department’s Hate Crimes Unit is now investigating...
Stabbing on 18th and Capp
Mission Loc@l
At 6:30 p.m., the puddle of blood outside of 323 Capp Street at 18th Street was still wet, as was the trail of bloody sneaker prints leading away from the doorway. Behind the yellow crime scene tape, men and women in police uniforms moved busily back and forth....
The City’s Only Gun Shop Fights to Reopen
Mission Loc@l
As city authorities prepare today to consider the request of High Bridge Arms to be allowed to sell guns at retail in San Francisco, the Mission District has become ground zero for the larger issues surrounding gun control, raising questions about the right to sell guns, the impact of gun sales on violence, and in particular the impact of gun sales in a neighborhood with a history of violence.
Mission Arabs React to Uprisings at Home
Mission Loc@l
Arabs in the Mission's reactions to uprising in their homes.
Drugs and Dogs – It’s Summer in Dolores Park
Mission Loc@l
Summer in January? People in Dolores Park in San Francisco enjoy the heat wave

Work Experience:

Associate Producer
Al Jazeera Arabic  - New york NY  ( February 2010 - August 2010 )
Responsibilities include pitching and producing feature stories; booking guests; setting up and coordinating live-shots with Doha Headquarters; attending various press conferences; choosing and sending sound bites for news segments
Al Jazeera Arabic  - New york NY  ( July 2009 - November 2009 )
Responsibilities included research, pitching stories, attending press conferences and conducting interviews within the UN and in the New York City area. In addition, I initiated a project to overhaul the archives in the New York bureau.
Maison De L’image- Vidéo les beaux jours  - Strasbourg None  ( January 2008 - May 2008 )
Duties included assisting communications director with press releases, calling the press and informing them with events that the organization was holding.
Liberal Democrat News  - London None  ( May 2007 - August 2007 )
Duties included doing research, assisting Editor-in-Chief with editorials, going through press releases for the Liberal Democrats party, proof-reading all articles submitted to the paper and also writing about the Lib Dem’s events


  • Expertise in Final Cut Pro.

    Expertise in Television camera(Sony DV and Panasonic PD 170 cameras.

    Expertise in still photography cameras.

    Working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash.